BABYMETAL has won the 7th CD Shop Grand Award

BABYMETAL 第7回CDショップ大賞受賞!!

SU’s comment: “This is our first time to recieve the Award like this, now, I’m excited, but I’m very glad. Thank you for the Award like this. I am looking forward to (*) when I always see cute displays in your CD shops. I appreciate your continued support ! Thank you from BABYMETAL. See you !” *:I think it means “I hope that our BABYMETAL’s CD/DVD/BD will be bought by many people.”.

MOA’S comment: I don’t know what to say. I have only a feeling of gladness and appreciating. I’m really glad(Ureshii-death!!). Thank you. I really appreciate all your support and members, team BABYMETAL, awesome !

The CD Shop Awards (CDショップ大賞 Shīdī Shoppu Taishō?) is an annual set of music awards presented in Japan. It is sponsored by All-Japan CD Shop Clerks Union and awarded based on votes by CD shop clerks from all over Japan. It is referred to as a “music edition of Japan Booksellers’ Award”

The entire broadcast

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Photo Gallery

Source: Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo News

An interview with photographer Dana Distortion!
BABYMETAL Ijime Dame Zettai compilation
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