BABYMETAL Apocrpyha The Black Mass: Photos and Setlist

BABYMETAL has just tweet this photo from Apocrpyha The Black Mass concert!

Babymetal Newswire has post this setlist!

#BABYMETAL Apocrpyha #TheBlackMass Setlist

The waiting line!

Filming at the [Black Mass/Red Mass]
Record your courageous appearance!!

The [Recording Kami] will descend upon the concert venue for the coming April 23rd (Thursday) [APOCRYPHA-THE BLACK MASS-] and the April 24th (Friday) [APOCRYPHA-THE RED MASS-]!!
Only those fans who have honored the dress code, broken out to the max their Metal Spirit and have been enveloped in the Crimson flames will have the 3rd Eye of the [Recording Kami] directed at them.

Those who have been blessed by the [Recording Kami] do your utmost to cooperate with the filming of these happenings.
Become one of the chosen Ones, become an ICON of THE ONE!!

Source: Thomas Malone translations

All-Girls wall of death at APOCRYPHA - THE RED MASS concert
Sakura Gakuin: HMV March 11 2013 Interview
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