God of Drums Hideki (Kami Band) on Music Air

Music Air on SKY PerfecTV, a multichannel satellite broadcasting service, recently had an interview with Aoyama Hideki and brother Tomoki. Hideki is answering questions over being a drummer in his experience, and about 3:12 into the interview he answers a few questions about BABYMETAL.

Translation summary was done by gakushabaka

– 1st question is which song you enjoy playing in BABYMETAL

All are fun to play, but songs like Megitsune, Onedari Daisakusen, even if they aren’t hard, even if among BABYMETAL song there’s always this impression of speed, unexpectedly these songs have a tempo of 120-130bpm but they have a groovy and pop kind of feeling.

– 2nd question, points of awareness in BABYMETAL drumming

From the moment he becomes a Kami and goes on stage, it’s as if there was a switch and he transforms from Aoyama Hideki into ‘a Kami‘. [meaning: a god]

God of Drums Hideki (Kami Band) on Music Air

– 3rd question asks him how much time does it take for the make-up?

Hideki says it’s not makeup, Kitsune-sama descends into him after they receive the revelation. It’s like this for all members, it’s like a switch and they transform.

God of Drums Hideki (Kami Band) on Music Air

Hideki goes like ‘I have become a god. I will enjoy this stage with all my efforts together with everyone’.

Watch the interview here below.


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