Perfume talks about BABYMETAL/Kami Band

Perfume talks about BABYMETAL/Kami Band on:

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『BABYMETAL』村主 章枝さん大神様が気になる+「FOXGODへの道」第13話更新 
漫画家 志村貴子先生”BABYMETAL イラスト”公開 
Thomas Malone

Author: Thomas Malone

My name is Thomas Malone. Originally from the States, I have now lived in Japan (Tochigi-ken) for the past 26 years and have never looked back, not even for a second. I study and teach Aikido at the home Doujou of the father of Aikido, Touhei Kouichi-sensei and am a licensed Kiatsu doctor. I make my living by teaching English conversation out of my house and through various types of Japanese to English translation work. My life was blown off of its foundation in February of 2014 when I first watched a Babymetal Youtube of "Gimme Choco!" for the first time and my life has never been the same since. Site: All Things Japan/

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