BABYMETAL Talk Metal Galaxy, PA PA YA!!, Metallica & Glastonbury 2019

BABYMETAL give an entire english interview to Rock Sound TV.

Rock Sound TV with Su-Metal and Moametal about BABYMETAL’S latest single ‘PA PA YA!!’ with F Hero, playing live Glastonbury Festival 2019, their upcoming new album ‘Metal Galaxy’ and why Metallica are their musical heroes.

Plus, what are the stories behind their songs ‘Elevator Girl’, ‘Distorted’ and ‘Starlight’? And how would they describe the first ever BABYMETAL show?

Sayashi Riho join BABYMETAL at Yokohama Arena concert

Sayashi Riho (鞘師里保), a Japanese pop singer, dancer and a former idol under Hello! Project has join BABYMETAL in replacement of YuiMetal at the Yokohama Arena 2019-06-28 concert.

Sayashi Riho

Sayashi Riho

Known for her wabi-sabi personality, she has been most popular out of Morning Musume’s 2011 additions and called the group’s “absolute ace” (絶対的エース; zettaiteki ace) by media. Starting with “Only you”, her second single as a Morning Musume member, she was pushed into becoming one of the group’s central figures as a main vocalist and dancer.

Sayashi graduated from Morning Musume on December 31, 2015 and halted activities in Hello! Project to study language and dance abroad. On December 7, 2018, it was announced that her contract with UP-FRONT PROMOTION expired at the end of November 2018 and she had subsequently graduated from Hello! Project.

Sayashi Riho join BABYMETAL

On June 28 at Yokohama Arena, BABYMETAL held their first concert of the year, BABYMETAL AWAKENS -THE SUN ALSO RISES-, where a support dancer took the place left by third member YUIMETAL (Mizuno Yui), who quit due to health reasons in October 2018.

Although the support dancer was not introduced during the concert, news sites and audience members on social media identified her as Sayashi. According to Sponichi Annex, a support dancer would be chosen as the third member for each of BABYMETAL’s performances, and Sayashi was chosen for that day. Before they debuted, Sayashi was rivals with the band’s main vocalist SU-METAL (Nakamoto Suzuka) when they attended Actor’s School Hiroshima together.




Herman Li talked something funny about BABYMETAL and SU-METAL’s English

Herman Li was interviewed by Chinese media site “Lok Wood Tao” about DragonForce’s new album《Reaching Into Infinity》. He answered some of the questions from their fans, including one about BABYMETAL, where he talked something funny about their collaboration on June 12th, 2015 at Download Festival.

“When we first started collaborating, BABYMETAL didn’t know how to speak English. So we pointed and gestured and there was someone who translated (for us). I think that she.. Su (now) speaks better English than the translators. So it’s funny, now we can talk about the Download festival where we first played, it was a stage were we didn’t even rehearse, we played this song Gimme Chocolate. I remember there was this problem, where there was these really weird sounds that we didn’t know where it was coming from. We were just… [insert Herman’s funny faces], all of our faces were like this. At that time, she didn’t know how to speak, we weren’t able to communicate as their/her English wasn’t good enough… wasn’t fluent enough. Now we can laugh, and joke… “wahh remember last time the sound was really bad? Before we played, we didn’t know in front of thousands of people was it right to not have had rehearsals beforehand. It was really risky!” We can laugh about now, about how we were able to pull of the concert.”

-translations by QueenSatsuki

Here’s the interview ( BABYMETAL at 4:00 )

[Shall We Talk]Herman Li堅持用廣東話完成嘅訪問Part 1,講吓嚟緊Dragonforce新碟《Reaching Into Infinity》,同解答之前觀眾响樂活道Post嘅問題!睇下有冇答到你?《Reaching Into Infinity》預購:

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Su-Metal’s Holiday in New York


Su-Metal’s older sister, Himeka Nakamoto, revealed yesterday during her radio show, that last week during Japan’s National Holiday Golden Week, she went with Su and their mother on a holiday in New York for 4 nights! We have even translated for you part of the show (see below).

Listen to the radio show:

“Nakata (N): what did you do on golden week?
Himeka (H): me? I went on a vacation.
Nakata: that’s wonderful, where to?
Fujimori (F): where did you go to?
Himeka: i went to new york
N+F: eehh?!
H: lolol it was the morning after rajira recording session,
F: not even one of staffs knew about it!
N: could you please stop it with the sudden ‘princess’ jokes?
F: you actually went there, right?
H: i did. i went sightseeing relaxedly with my mother and little sister.
F: that’s a ‘princess’ thing alright
H: that’s why i missed the golden week on japan.
N: stop it!
H: lol
N: stop with the sudden ‘stylish’ thing
F: what the hell. We could of talk about a lot of things
H: really, it’s not a big deal
N: like, unusual streets in new york or something…
H: well i didn’t talk much about it, but honestly i’m okay either way…
F: you should have told us! that person (*i didnt cathc this one clearly) also did say that they wanted to go at this time of year probably on april or may…
H: ah that’s right,
N: so that was quite fulfilling, right?
H: it was fun
F: man, seriously i‘ve never been there…
N: for how long?
H: umm, 4 nights…?
N: you are a princess, then! a 4 nights of vacation (*he meant in new york) is for a princess!
H: no no no, well, there was this time during handshake, that they joked about it, but i replied it with a ‘yes’ instead, so…
N: that was awesome.
H: a princess..? i’m not sure… maybe i am
N: it can’t be helped that shingo-chan (fujimori) really want to go there
F: honestly i really do
H: actually, it appears that it’s the warmest time of the year right now over there.
F: is that so?
N: but, to be able to go to new york alone is awesome, i can’t even picky with the dates.
F: true, going there is already a win
N: indeed a win
F: it doesn’t even matter if it’s in the middle of a winter! What the hell, that was surprising!
N: we have discovered a surprising side of himetan today.”

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Suzuka Nakamoto performing in 2010 with ASH (Hiroshima actors school)

Sayashi Riho, is leaving her idol group Morning Musume at the end of the year.

Her and Su-Metal used to compete for the top spot during the ASH (Hiroshima actors school) days.

This entertainment trivia, hits home to Su fans. That footage is a piece of the past the connects the two performing together, perusing their dreams.
Now before one gets the wrong impression, Sayashi wants to study abroad, pursue dancing and learn English. She is just taking a different step in her growth.

Thank to monsterpanda for explaining

2010/03/14 ASH発表会 Bクラス曲