Kamen Joshi Become Queens of the Indie Idol Genre

For some time there has been a debate among fans of Indie/underground JPop Idol genre ,just who is the best group is today.

That`s always been hard to determine as so many factors come in, such as fan base, the number of lives they do ,budgets and if their CDs sell 500 or 2,000.

Kamen Joshi the super group of Alice Project created from the Alice Project groups “Alice Juban, Steamgirls and Armor Girls” has put that question to rest as they have accomplished what no other female Indie record label artist and just the third Indie artist ever has done and that is get #1 ranking on Oricon.

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Kamen Joshi’s new single “GENKIDANE☆” which was released on January 1st has sold 132,000 copies in the it’s first week. This combined with the fact that the units in Kamen Joshi along with their sister units perform a combined 1,000 concerts a year as they perform every day and have a new national TV show are the number one Independent Idol group and company today.


Kamen Joshi`s success for this single started weeks before the release with creative outside the box promotional thinking which has resulted in pre-orders of 206,000 CDs.
Kamen Joshi is one group that has proven that they don`t need some major label telling them how to live, act, dress and create music to be successful and should be an example to all Indie Idol companies that if you do things right in an aggressive creative way ,you can compete with the major Idol groups.

With this milestone reached Kamen Joshi can now take their new national TV show and start the march to sell out the Saitama Super Arena ,which is scheduled for the end of 2015.

仮面女子 http://www.alice-project.biz/kamenjoshi
仮面女子FB EN https://www.facebook.com/kamenjoshi 120万イイネ突破!
仮面女子FB JP https://www.facebook.com/steamgirls

■Welcome to Kamen Joshi’s “Mask Girls”
Mask Girls is an Idol unit from Akihabara, they’re planning taking over Asia. Check out!
GENKIDANE☆FB https://www.facebook.com/kamenjoshi/posts/779533772121330

Genkidane / Kamen Joshi
Kamen Joshi
Moso Nikki / Alice Juban / Steam Girls @ Kamen Joshi
Alice Juban / Steam Girls @ Kamen Joshi
Kamen Joshi / Alice Juban / Steam Girls
Alice Juban / Steam Girls

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