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FRUITPOCHETTE: Idol Metal`s Next Rising Power Japanese Idol Metal and Idol Hard Rock is in full bloom with dozens of groups picking up their Idol flags of war and claiming that this genre is more

Shame Embury of Napalm Death talk about BABYMETAL

Shame Embury, a British bassist and, since 1987, a member of grindcore/death metal band Napalm Death have write this very interesting post int hte new Metal Hammer about BABYMETAL. Metal

What did HEDOBAN staff see and feel at The Forum and Sonisphere concert

Ken Tabise from BABYMETAL WORLDWIDE has translate this awesome Billboard Japan article. This is a brief report of panel discussion by editor, photographer, and writer of “HEDOBAN” magazine. Date: Aug.

Babymetal Songs Self Review : Megitsune

It tells something little but cute, vivid also important behind-the-scene stories of Babymetal. This is a translation from Babymetal All Songs Self Review, Hedoban magazine (vol.1) published in Jul 2013,

BABYMETAL – Experiencing Their American Debut Concert!

A Los Angeles fan shares his experience of BABYMETAL‘s American debut concert. With patchy rainclouds hanging low in the sky, occasionally thundering and briefly pouring rain all over my home

BABYMETAL – 100% Pure, Raw, No-Apologies Girl Power

A fan in Los Angeles discusses where BABYMETAL comes from and gives us some thoughts and feelings on what they are about. OK, I’ll admit it, I like Japanese idol

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