BABYMETAL’s New Album Is «A New Evolution Of Kawaii Metal»

On October 11, BABYMETAL will release their third full-length album METAL GALAXY.

Babymetal - Metal Galaxy

As the follow-up to 2016’s METAL RESISTANCE, all eyes are on the Japanese superstars to see what they come up with next. There has been no confirmed tracklisting, although we do know new track PA PA YA!! will feature on the record. The band have also been playing an as-yet-unnamed new track in their recent shows in London and at Glastonbury festival.

“It’s always fun to play new material,” vocalist Moametal tells Kerrang!. “PA PA YA!! is a song where both us and the audience get to shout, dance, and wave our flags around – it’s just overall a very fun song.

“I’m looking forward to performing it a lot more, so please make sure to learn it before you come to see us again. On the recorded version on our next album, it is done in collaboration with a Thai rapper [F. Hero].

“The album is going to be a new evolution of kawaii metal – it involves a mixture of different types of music. We’re really looking forward to releasing it!”

BABYMETAL London’s Brixton Academy 2019

Speaking about BABYMETAL’s debut performance at Glastonbury festival, Moametal says she knew in advance just how big and “special” the festival is.

“Su-Metal (vocalist) and I were discussing in the past how cool it would be to perform there one day. When we were there, I could see how many people were at the festival, and I was just amazed at how magical the experience was. I am so honoured to have been invited to go and play at the festival.”

Following the release of METAL GALAXY on October 11, BABYMETAL’s will embark on their first-ever full UK tour. Get your tickets now.

BABYMETAL US tour 2020

BABYMETAL US tour 2020

Source: Kerrang


Babymetal have released four singles over the last year and now fans can get ready for even more music as the kawaii metal unit will release their third album, Metal Galaxy, later this year.

While the album has not officially been announced by the group, an Amazon U.K. webstore link shows the artwork for the Metal Galaxy album and indicates that it will arrive on Oct. 11.

Babymetal - Metal Galaxy

Babymetal – Metal Galaxy

The news comes on the heels of “Pa Pa Ya!!” which is an aggressive new song that was released yesterday (June 27) and features Thai rapper F.Hero as a guest contributor.

This new record will be Babymetal’s first since Metal Resistance, which came out in 2016. There hasn’t been any shortage of music, however, as the band has released “Starlight,” “Distortion” and “Elevator Girl” prior to issuing “Pa Pa Ya!!” Spotify shows those four tracks bundled as one release and it is not known if any of this material will re-appear on Metal Galaxy.

When Babymetal began, the core of the group was represented by their three frontwomen, Su-Metal, Moametal and Yuimetal. Following Yuimetal’s departure in October of last year, the kawaii metal outfit has continued with just Su-Metal and Moametal being the faces of the group while five other members serve as backing musicians.

See Babymetal on tour in the U.S. with Avatar later this year at the dates listed below.

Babymetal – Metal Galaxy US tour

Sept. 04 – Orlando, Fla. @ Hard Rock Live
Sept. 06 – Atlanta, Ga. @ Coca Cola Roxy
Sept. 08 – Washington, D.C. @ The Anthem
Sept. 11 – Boston, Mass. @ House of Blues
Sept. 13 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ The Fillmore
Sept. 15 – New York, N.Y. @ Terminal 5
Sept. 18 – Detroit, Mich. @ The Fillmore Detroit
Sept. 20 – Chicago, Ill. @ Aragon Ballroom
Sept. 21 – Saint Paul, Minn. @ Myth Live Event Center
Sept. 23 – Kansas City, Mo. @ Uptown Theater
Sept. 24 – Dallas, Texas @ South Side Ballroom
Sept. 27 – Denver, Colo. @ Ogden Theatre
Sept. 28 – Salt Lake City, Utah @ The Union Event Center
Sept. 30 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ House of Blues
Oct. 01 – Tempe, Ariz. @ Marquee Theater
Oct. 04 – San Francisco, Calif. @ The Warfield
Oct. 11 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Forum *
Oct. 13 – Sacramento, Calif. @ Aftershock **
Oct. 15 – Portland, Ore. @ Roseland Theater ***
Oct. 16 – Seattle, Wash. @ The Paramount Theatre ***
*No Support
***No Avatar, Support from The HU

BABYMETAL’s costume changes – Idol Lovers

Great article by Idol Lovers about BABYMETAL’s costume, its changes through the years starting from their beginnings (2011) to present (2017).



Check out the costume evolution and recommended costume of the globally successful heavy metal idol, BABYMETAL!

In 2011, BABYMETAL was formed by the trio Sakura Gakuin members, Su-Metal, Yuimetal and Moametal.

It was originally a sub-unit of the Sakura Gakuin but finally became independent. The powerful sound and shout mixed with underground atmosphere of heavy metal, and the chemistry of Japan’s unique culture of idol has been gaining worldwide attention. Furthermore, attracting people by the unique style costumes and also the ‘kawaii culture’. We’ll introduce you to the most popular costumes starting with the evolution of the costumes they wore up until today.


– 2011. The “Doki Doki Morning” era costume.

They were formed as Sakura Gakuin’s heavy music club, with “Doki Doki Morning” as their first single which was released in the format of DVD and delivery distribution. The contrast between red and black is the main point. Ever since the debut, red and black has been the standard uniform of BABYMETAL’s costume.


– 2011. The “Headbangerrr!!” era costume

Headbangerrr!! was BABYMETAL’s first single which was released in CD via Indie Label. I wonder if the neck brace was intended to show the effect of headbanging too much? I suppose the main point is the fluffy skirt as an addition to the simple red and black.


– 2013. The “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” era costume.

Ijime, Dame, Zettai was the 2nd single which was released in January 2013. BABYMETAL was getting a lot of people to know them with this song. The motif of the costume was armor, Su-metal’s upper half is decorated in silver armor while Yuimetal and Moametal are equipped with spikes.

They also appeared in idol-ish retro costumes for the world reformation.


– 2013. The “Megitsune” era costume.

As the 3rd single “Megitsune” was released, BABYMETAL continues their activities vigorously. The main point is the 2 layers red-black pannier skirt with black blouse with red frills.

Furthermore, the costume had 2nd version which was a Kimono-style, a modification of Japanese-style clothing.


– 2013. The Festival era costume.

In the later half of the 2013, BABYMETAL was performing in many summer festivals. The armor costume was upgraded and became bustier-style.


– 2014. The “Music Station” performance era costume.

The costume has undergone minor changes in details over and over again throughout 2014. The main point of this elaborate design is the dot pattern, silver armor shoulder rests and the 3 layered leather skirt.


– The 2014~2015 era costume.

The armor design costume was upgraded little by little. The flared-sleeves gave BABYMETAL a little bit of feminine look.


– The year end of 2015 costume.

The bustier design has changed into futuristic design.


– The 2016 era costume.

BABYMETAL has released their 2nd album “Metal Resistance” and doing world tour. The costumes has also changed from red to more black in tone, and different design for each of the trio.


-The 2017. present.

The current BABYMETAL costume has completely evolved into black tone. With the use of glossy materials, the costumes have made them shine even more on the stage.


This is BABYMETAL’s most popular costume!


BABYMETAL have gone through many transitions since their debut 6 years ago. They are popular not only by their songs but also their costumes, so much that the costume exhibition was held. And among those costumes, which is the most popular one? By summing up the voice of the fans we’ll find out the result.



2nd single “Megitsune” Kimono style clothes

BABYMETAL interacted with a lot of artists in outside of Japan. The kimono-style costume which also represents Japan culture is the most popular among foreigners. The costume have only been used in a small amount of performances, a lot of fans want to see them wearing this costume again.


If you want to cosplay BABYMETAL, go to this store!

BABYMETAL’s costume has been drawing attentions. Recently, it also become popular as a cosplay in Halloween. They even sold a lot of them by mail orders, right? And among those which became hot topics, this one is the highlight, the costume which sold at don quixote (*don ki) store in Akihabara.

This is a complete set of costume to become BABYMETAL, and it is well known among the fans. If you happen to be near the don ki store, why not try to look for this costume?

Article by: IDOL LOVERS
Translation by: BFC ADMIN Ari Santoso

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BAND-MAID to Release New Single YOLO on November 16

BAND-MAID is releasing a new single on November 16. The title song “YOLO,” which is stands for “You Only Live Once,” is written by Miku Kobato and composed by the band’s members.

BAND-MAID to Release New Single YOLO

Includes four tracks total (subject to change). The limited edition comes with a sheet music and features sleeve case packaging (subject to change).




Band-Maid, stylized as BAND-MAID and formerly as BAND-MAID®, is a five-piece, all-female Japanese rock group, signed to Gump Records (Japanese: ガンプレコーズ Hepburn: Ganpu rekōzu?), an imprint of the Shibuya-based Platinum Passport artist management and talent agency, itself a division of Avex Group.

Lady’s X : X JAPAN – YOSHIKI will be producing a BABYMETAL like band

YOSHIKI, the leader of X JAPAN, will be producing a new Visual-kei girls band Lady’s X.

X JAPAN – YOSHIKI will be producing a BABYMETAL like band Lady’s X

Lady’s X

A producer of many big name artists, Yoshiki will be starting a new Visual-kei movement! The new members selected through an Audition will debut at a huge Visual-kei live event,
which will be fully produced by YOSHIKI.

The Audition will be followed closely and will be aired on the famous News program “Mezamashi TV”


Looking For:

-Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, Piano, etc…

Terms of Application:

1. Age: Must be older than 12.
Experience: Does not matter.
Only Female.
Although the place of residence does not matter, we are looking for members that can travel all around Japan while having a base in Tokyo.
Must be able to sign an exclusive agreement as a member of Lady`s X

2. Please send your profile, picture and a performance video(vocalist should be singing,
band members should be playing the instrument in which they are applying for).
The performance video can be filmed on video camera or Smart phone, but please be sure to take the footage so that the entire body is shown.


First of all, submission of the applicants performance video (vocalist should be singing, band members should be playing the instrument in which they are applying for).
In addition, the performance video can be filmed on video camera or Smart phone, but please be sure to take the footage so that the entire body is shown.
※Please make sure to upload the video on Youtube(make sure the privacy mode is set to “Unlisted”) and send the link on the application page of the audition site.
※Please apply through the special audition site. consequently, the selections will be done from the applicants footages.

First Audition Term:

Organized by
Japan Music Agency Inc. / Lady’s X Executive Commitiee

【Official Site】

Source: Jrock Radio