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Akatsuki (partial)

IDZ (ending, Moa and Yui speak)

Gimme Choko

Akumo No Rondo

Kami Band Solos

Onedari Daisakusen

Doki Doki Morning


Intro/Babymetal Death/part of Ilne

Gimme Choko 2 (shaky, good sound)

BABYMETAL interview in Singapore: Hoping to become a new music trend

[TRANSLATION] BABYMETAL interview (Chinese)

Hope you guys enjoy it, it’s quite lengthy

While other kids are busy with their school work, the three young ladies from BABYMETAL are already idols of the metal industry. However, BABYMETAL are still not satisfied, they want to let their own created – kawaii + metal style be the new music trend.

BABYMETAL are Moametal, Su-metal and Yuimetal

BABYMETAL are Moametal, Su-metal and Yuimetal

Moametal、Su-metal and Yuimetal are members of Japanese idol group – Sakura Gakuin. And BABYMETAL are sub-unit of Sakura Gakuin (like Korea group – Super Junior -M and SNSD’s TaeTiSeo) Vocalist Su-metal is 16 years old, Moametal and Yuimetal are 14 years old.

The three ladies held their first overseas concert in Singapore last week and were interviewed by the local media

From strange to leading style

Although Babymetal showed their mature and strong stage performances in their music videos and live shows, the three ladies couldn’t hide their innocent feeling and thinking of youngsters during the interview. Moametal said she and her family didn’t know much about heavy metal in the first place, so they didn’t worry and complain about it, just felt surprised.

Su-metal said that participating in music festivals in other parts of the world and meeting fans have made her really happy, and she also receives metal music albums from the fans, so she can know more about metal. BABYMETAL combines both kawaii and heavy metal elements, although for most of the people it’s hard to accept at the beginning, Su-metal hopes BABYMETAL can become a new trend in the metal industry in the future.

Babymetal's first MV combines both kawaii and heavy metal elements, and it has also become a hot topic in US's website - Reddit

Babymetal’s first MV combines both kawaii and heavy metal elements, and it has also become a hot topic in US’s website – Reddit

Love local fresh fruit juice, hobbies are same as normal young girls

However, when they are not performing on the stage, the three ladies are same as normal girls. Su-metal likes singing, she sometimes even goes to sing karaoke on her own, she likes reading as well, this shows her quiet character.

Moametal likes idol drama and modern trend – Anime. She records the programs when she’s not at home, and plays them when she’s free. Yuimetal’s hobby is collecting stickers, she has her own sticker book!

It’s a rare opportunity to travel to Singapore, when the media talk about local food, yuimetal are same as other artists, loving the local chicken rice. Moametal has also discovered that there’re many Japanese restaurants in Singapore. Su-metal loves the local fresh fruit juice, has she started to take care of eating habits and body figure?

Reaching the big stage, hoping to achieve more

BabyMetal SG 2013 3

Although BABYMETAL has been formed recently, they have already appeared in many huge music festivals in Japan, and they will also perform in Taiwan too. They were also lucky to meet Metallica. Regarding to the touring performaces, the three ladies said they are good friends and they look forward to seeing their fans from worldwise. Su-metal hopes they can perform in more different countries in the upcoming year.

When they are asked about who they wish to collaborate with, BABYMETAL’s answer is surprising – they hope they can collaborate with Japan famous violist Taro Hakase.

The future: hold on to the dream, continue to perform

At the moment, Su-metal is the lead vocal for most of the Babymetal’s songs, but as Moametal and Yuimetal are growing up, Babymetal are expected to become stronger. What are the upcoming 5 years plans for the three ladies?

Su-metal said she will be an adult after 5 years, but will still love singing and hold on to her dream. Moametal will be 19 years old after 5 years, so she’d like to spend her last young ages wisely. Yuimetal is more like the others, she doesn’t have any clear future plans, but she hopes she can do what she likes, displaying an open attitude to the future.

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