Recommended Bands for SCANDAL/BABYMETAL Lovers

SCANDAL and BABYMETAL have got a huge popularity among fans all over the world, and as you might have known, there are more bands/units who have a lot of appeal like SCANDAL and BABYMETAL.

We’ve compiled a list of such bands/units with promotional videos, and hope this page may helps your new discovery of up-and-coming Japanese girls rock.

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band maid


BAND-MAID is a five-girl rock band formed in July 2013. They treats their gigs as “serve” and welcome their fans as “masters” or “ladies.” They have released two titles so far: a mini-album “MAID IN JAPAN” out on January 8, 2014 and a single “Ai to Jonetsu no Matador (currently out of stock)” out on August 13, 2014. Members are: Saiki (Vo), Miku Kobato (Gt & Vo), Kanami Tono (Gt), Akane Hirose (Dr, Leader), and MISA (Ba).

Ai to Jonetsu no Matador / BAND-MAID  MAID IN JAPAN / BAND-MAID


Chelsy is a three-piece girls pop rock band mainly active in Tokyo. After signed with a major label, they released a single “I will/Animation,” in which a song “I will” was featured as an insert song for the anime series “Ao Haru Ride” in 2014 summer. According to their official website, they are going to partipate “Chelsy Akihabara Expo 2015” held in Anaheim, California from December 18 through 20, 2015. Members are: MIO (Vo, Gt), Ami (Dr, Leader), and SHIZUKA (Ba).

SistAr / Chelsy Yes / Good-bye Girl / Chelsy I will / Animation / Chelsy


NECRONOMIDOL is a J-Pop “Ankokukei idol” (occult idol) unit mainly active in Tokyo. They currently aim to invade the underground of the J-Pop idol scene and let the people all over the world know how scary the living matter of J-Pop idol is. Great Scott! Their music inspired by extreme metal music, shoegazing, and more. Members are: TSUKUMO, Aoi, Sari, and Kakizaki.

Reikon Shometsu / NECRONOMIDOL

death rabbits deathrabbits

Death Rabbits

DEATH RABBITS is a J-Pop idol unit performing metal rock and consisting of three girls, Yuzu Okawa, Emi Mochizuki, and Karin Yasui. A producer of this unit is Akira Kanzaki who is known as AKIRADEATH. They released three singles (“Idol Star Wars,” “Koisuru Kisetsu,” “Omatsuri Japan!! Kokuhaku Night”) and one album (“Dai Ichiji Usagi Taisen”) so far, and they will be holding their first one-band show on May 30, 2015 at club asia in Tokyo.

Dai Ichiji Usagi Taisen / Death Rabbits  Koisuru Kisetsu / Death Rabbits  Omatsuri Japan!! Kokuhaku Night / Death Rabbits  Idol Star Wars / Death Rabbits

Ganbare! Victory

Ganbare! Victory is a five-girl rock band originally formed in 2007 in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture. They aim to show “Heisei Old Rock,” meaning conveying a greatness of rock music in the 1970’s to the 1980’s. Member are: Ayaki (Vo), Rena (Gt), Mayuko (Dr), Shinobu (Ba), and Minami (Gt).

Fly High!!! / Ganbare! Victory KGSD / Victory Zenryoku! Start / Yume no Tsuzuki / Ganbare! Victory


Tankobuchin is a five-girl rock band originally formed when they were elementary school students in Karatsu, Saga prefecture. In 2013, they debuted from a major label as a band of active high school students with the first single “Dremi FUN LIFE.” Members are: MADOKA (Vo. & Gt), YURI (Gt), NODOKA (Ba), HONOKA (Dr), and CHIHARU (Key).

Tancobuchin / Tancobuchin Tancobuchin / Tancobuchin Shiawase Tarantula / Tankobuchin


Other than BABYMETAL, there are lots of popular female groups in Japan who perform Heavy Metal Rock hard. Here we introduce such bands/groups. Hope their songs will make you headbang and say, “Japanese female heavy metal rocks!”


Dazed and Delight / Aldious District Zero / Aldious Dominator/i Don't Like Me / Aldious


WOMAN / Cyntia Limit Break / Cyntia Lady Made / Cyntia



Mary’s Blood

Countdown to Evolution / Mary's Blood Azure / Mary's Blood SCARLET / Mary's Blood

Raglaia: Rami (ex-Aldious) new band new maxi single “Breaking Dawn” release

Raglaia’s new maxi single “Breaking Dawn” will be released on April 4!

Raglaia: Rami

Limited edition TYPE A (1,620yen) will include CD+DVD (including “Forlorn?” PV), limited edition TYPE B (1,620yen) will include CD+DVD (including “Outer Dark” PV & recording making), and the regular edition (1,080yen) will include just the CD. HMV and Loppi also have an exclusive Luxury Edition with a 12″ record.

CD Track List:
02.Outer Dark

Raglaia – Breaking Dawn
Raglaia, a band led by RAMI (ex-vocalist of Aldious), brings a CD with four tracks total. Comes with a flyer and a bonus DVD featuring a music video for “Forlorn?. “*The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.
Rami’s first statement in 2.5 years


Hi, it’s been a long time.
In the two years I was away, I received a lot of encouragement and well wishes from you guys, but what made me the happiest was the message “we are still waiting for you to return”. The reason why I decided to come back and is standing in front of you right now is because of those messages.
I have recovered both physically and mentally and is feeling great right now. From now on, I will do my best and please continue to cheer me on.
Thank you

Source: fuckyeahaldious, Rami Aldious Fans

BABYMETAL New Arrivals on CDJapan

Here some BABYMETAL New Arrivals and merch you can buy on CDJapan.


BABYMETAL are featured on many japanese music magazine and you can buy your own copy!!

Features articles about a concert of X JAPAN held at Yokohama Arena & a concert of BABYMEATAL held at Makuhari Messe Event Hall, interview with them, TOKIO, Iron Maiden, and more.


Features lots of J-Pop idol groups such as Nogizaka46, Team Shachihoko, Juice=Juice, and Morning Musume. ’14. Mai Shiraishi of Nogizaka46 appears on the front cover.

HKT48 members, Haruka Kodama, Chihiro Anai, Aika Tada, Meru Tashima, Mio Tomonaga, Natsumi Matsuoka, and Aoi Motomura appear on the cover. Comes with a transparent card of HKT48. Also features Juri Takahashi (AKB48), Ryo Kitagawa (SKE48), Morning Musume. ’14 members, Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL, and more.

Features the hottest Kawaii topics/creators in Japan such BABYMETAL, Hello Kitty for Men, and nendo.

Features two music festivals held in UK, “SONISPHERE” and “BLACK SABBATH TIME.” Also follows BABYMETAL’s tour in Europe.

Features popular artists such as Babymetal, X Japan, DEMPA and much more (subject to change).

Third volume featurring girls’ metal bands comes with a reversible poster featuring ALDIOUS and MARY’S BLOOD. Contains articles about ALDIOUS, CYNTIA, FUKI (LIGHT BRINGER), AKANE LIV, BABYMETAL, and more.


Yeniol / Kiba Of Akiba
Kiba Of Akiba

First full-length album from Kiba Of Akiba includes new song(s) as well as their leading songs newly recorded such as “animation with you,” which is covered by BABYMETAL, “Zenbu Uchu ga Warui” and “FINAL QUEST.”

New edition of “Sakura Gakuin Nakamoto Suzuka 2013 Nen 3 Gatsu Sotsugyo” includes a photo shot at the event “The Road to Graduation Final – Sakura Gakuin 2012 Nendo Sotsugyo” held on March 31, 2013.

If you like BABYMETAL… You should like Aldious

Aldious is a female metal band from Osaka (they qualify themselves as “Lady Metal Band”).

The name of the group is a mixture of the words “Ultimate” and “Melodious”, taken from one of their main song of the same name. They are a part of the label Bright Stars Records.


In June, 2008, Rummy and Yoshi forms the band in Osaka, and began to give concerts around Kansai. The folowwing November, they record two songs for the compilation THE RED HOT BURNING HELL VOL. 16. Toki will join very fast the group after that.

In November 2009, Aldious release maxi single of 4 tracks, “Dear slave”, whom they recorded and distributed them self on CD-R. It was a success and all their copies were sold in metal cd shop.

**Aldious on CD Japan**


Aldious completed its line-up in early 2010, including in its ranks : Aruto in January and Sawa in March, who had been a member of the band in its early days . At the same time , Aldious opened their own label of female metal, called Bright Stars Records , which became a division of Western Spinning label after the band signed a contract with them in April.

In June 2010, Aldious released their first single “Defended Desire” , which was ranked in 49th on the Oricon weekly chart and staff at the 4th position in the Oricon weekly indie chart.

The single was followed by their first album “Deep Exceed” and the single “Mermaid” in 2011, and finally the album “Determination” in October 2011. They play a style that mixes the speed and power metal with a pop voice.

In June 29, 2012 the singer Rami left the band due to health problems, a new singer named Re:NO joined the band, which is also a model for KERA magazine.
Aldious announced the new single “White Crow” on November 14. Aldious released their third album District Zero, which became their first release to break the top-ten. Its song “Scrash” became the ending theme song for the TBS TV show Ranking Kingdom (ランク王国?) from June to July.


It was reported that for the album the band intentionally toned down their appearance and aimed for a “pure metal sound”, so as to be recognized for their musicianship rather than being an all-female band. Their fourth single and first double A-side, “Dominator / I Don’t Like Me”, was released on October 9 and is the group’s highest charting, having reached number 12.

So, now Aldious have a CDM named “Other World”. CD+DVD, Including two songs karaoke, all 5 songs. The new album “Dazed and Delight” should be released on june 18, 2014.