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FRUITPOCHETTE: Idol Metal`s Next Rising Power

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ng4hyD8AWJk Japanese Idol Metal and Idol Hard Rock is in full bloom with dozens of groups picking up their Idol flags of war and claiming that this genre is more

PASSCODE: first CD avaiable here!

The trend of Idol groups going with a more Rock to full-blown Heavy Metal style continues with PASSCODE. PASSCODE features a lineup of yu-ri ,Kaede ,Yuna and Nao that is

If you like BABYMETAL… You should like Aldious

Aldious is a female metal band from Osaka (they qualify themselves as “Lady Metal Band”). The name of the group is a mixture of the words “Ultimate” and “Melodious”, taken

Destrose: Bands that sound like BABYMETAL

This all-girls japanese metal band was formed in 2005 through the efforts of guitarist Mina. Together with Mary, Eye, Eri and Kayo recorded their first demo “Demo” in 2007, which

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