Italian interview with BABYMETAL (with translation)

Translation courtesy of Suzanne Nguyen. Thank you! Interview posted by Associazione Ochacaffè but blocked on YT

Here is my very very very roughly, badly, horribly English translated (based on the Japanese that I heard) of this interview! I really love this interview because its not always about the fox god and what not, it focuses on a lot of other things. So I got a little desperate and wanted people to get the messages. Hope I got at least the main ideas across. Again, I apologise for the VERY bad translation! Please feel free to correct me in the comment below! Any criticism is very much appreciated! Thank you! m(_ _)m

Interviewer: Welcome to Italy!
BABYMETAL: Nice to meet you!/ Please treat us kindly!

Interviewer: Within the Music World you have met many famous Artists, you have even been asked by Lady Gaga to open as her support act. This time who would you like to meet? Who would you like to collaborate with?
Moa: We would like to meet Metallica again to try a collaboration, as well as Limp Bizkit that would be good too.

Interviewer: Up until now what is the happiest moment and the most distressful moment in your work/activity (career)?
Su: The happiest moment is travelling around in our world tour, at first I felt there are language walls (barriers) however as the shows continue up until the last song “Road of Resistance”. In this song, there is a part of “wowowooo” where everyone sings together, at that moment it feels like there are no language barriers and I feel very happy every time.
Up until now, the most distressful moment is when we have to play outdoor festivals in like 40°C, it was very hard.

Interviewer: Have you ever written your own BABYMETAL songs?
Yui: Yes, YuiMetal and MoaMetal has written a song called “Yon No Uta” (Song 4). It was during our bus trip and we had some time so we played around and made that song.

Interviewer: Before the show, is there anything you have to do to relax your nerves or wish yourselves good luck?
Yui: Before we get on stage, us, the staff and the band (all 3) will huddle in a circle and “engine” ourselves with our voices.
(Note: Think of it like Sakura Gakuin’s ‘Sa! Oh! Ku! Oh! Ra! Oh! Gabaruzo! Oh!’)

Interviewer: Like teamwork?
Interviewer: Now that you are beyond Japan, nationwide, famous Artists. Have you realised this yourselves and how do you feel?
Moa: No… We think that we still have a long way to go. We are still not at all famous, whether it is in Japan or overseas. We are trying our best and we still want more and more people to know about BABYMETAL!
(Note: God Moa, you’re so humble… Are you sure you’re only 15 (soon 16) years old? ><) Interviewer: Oh… That’s wonderful!

Interviewer: How do you feel about Fans from all over the world remembering Japanese lyrics to sing with you during your concerts?
Su: Well that’s true. One year ago, we didn’t believe that it was possible. First, they waited for us to visit their countries and that alone already made us really happy, yet, now they are studying Japanese to sing our songs with us. But really, waiting for us was already more than enough. Still, singing together makes us very happy.

Interviewer: Among your overseas Fans, do they like Idol Music or Heavy Metal Music?
Su: Well there is a wide variety of genres. Of course there are Fans who like Idol Music, Jpop, and of course there are Fans who like Metal Music. And they range from little children to adults and even teenagers. Really, there are various types of Fans and during shows it’s fun to watch how they rouse up (get excited).

Interviewer: Do you play any instrument?
Moa: I play the guitar.
Su: No, I haven’t tried any yet.
Yui: Ummm… I used to play the piano once but not anymore.

Interviewer: Your outfit has always been red and black. If you could change your outfit, what would it be?
Yui: We once did a show with a white dress-like outfit, I would like to wear that again, however a longer white dress.
(Note: Yui, wouldn’t that be difficult to dance in though…? ><) Interviewer: Aside from music, do you have any hobbies?
Moa: Yes, I love anime. Often, when there is free time at home, I watch anime. Also, I like sleeping, so I often sleep.
Su: I like to walk. In Japan, normally even if there are places I could just take a train to, I usually walk there.
Yui: I like to watch the stars.

Interviewer: Isn’t that romantic?
Yui: At first I don’t watch it, but as I watch it, it became a hobby. I like that feeling.

Interviewer: What is your favourite food?
(Note: Somehow I know this question will pop up (laughs))
Yui: I love tomatoes the most.

Interviewer: That is perfect for Italy!
Su: I love cheese.

Interview: Again, that is also perfect for Italy!
Moa: I love my mother’s cooking!

Interviewer: Many Italians travel to Japan as tourists. Do you have any suggestions for them when they come?
Su: In Japan, I am from Hiroshima. But generally a lot of people visit Tokyo or Kyoto. Yesterday, we walked around Bologna city and there were a lot of shops like in Hiroshima, so I thought that they would find there fitting.

Interviewer: Please do your best in today’s concert!/ Good luck with today’s concert!
BABYMETAL: Thank you very much!