BABYMETAL promote their concert with Chthonic on SakuraGaku (video)

BABYMETAL video footage from SakuraGaku (about 18 minutes long).


It’s to promote their upcoming gig with Chthonic on Taiwanese tv show SakuraGaku. BABYMETAL’s part starts at 28.40

Source: Babymetal 重音部

BABYMETAL will do a project with Taiwan metal band ChthoniC


Two members of ChthoniC are absolut fans of the Japanese girlsband BABYMETAL, as they show it with numerous comments and photos on Facebook. .


During their European tour 2013 while they were playing ine Parise, France, Doris “Thunder Tears” Yeh, the charming bass player and manager of the Taiwanese metal band ChthoniC revealed in interview that a collaboration was in preparation for 2014.

ChthoniC will play with BABYMETAL during the concert of the Japanese trio in Taiwan next February. Doris Yeh delivers other details in this interview, you can read the interview here (French) Orient-Extrême!

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Orient-Extrême : Come back to a softer side. well some rumor saying that ChthoniC are fan of japan girls-band BABYMETAL !?

Doris Yeh : In fact, only the singer Freddy and the drummer Dani are fan. Me and the guitar player are not very much. That’s an interesting band and we gonna play with them in February 2014 in Taiwan, as they will play in concert. I thin mixing our Taiwanese metal with this Japanese girlsbband can give a very good result. I can’t wait to be there, our singer and drummer are too happy to play with BABYMETAL.

Orient-Extrême : Talking about collaboration with BABYMETAL, do you think about doing a single with them?
Doris Yeh : Yeah .. we are thinking about it, we also think about what we are gonna do for the concert: maybe wearing different clothes for some songs that we will play together, they same costume as BABYMETAL, i don’t really know for now. We keep the surprise for the fans