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BABYMETAL report on italian TV

BABYMETAL report on Studio Aperto tv show on Italia 1 Channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XpLkc_Iw5U Studio Aperto (lit. Open Studio) is the brand for Italian TV channel of Mediaset network Italia 1’s news

Italian interview with BABYMETAL (with translation)

Translation courtesy of Suzanne Nguyen. Thank you! Interview posted by Associazione Ochacaffè but blocked on YT Here is my very very very roughly, badly, horribly English translated (based on the

BABYMETAL live at Estragon Club, Bologna, Italy 5 June ’15 photos and videos

Here are some photos and videos from the BABYMETAL concert in Bologna, Italy on the 5 June ’15 Dont forget, the updates are at the end of the post. BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL: video Message to Italy and France

BABYMETAL bring these two new video message for their fans from France ans Italy. BABYMETAL – BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015 Message to Italy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTwjENeLVG8 BABYMETAL – BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015

BABYMETAL add 3 new concerts to the WORLD TOUR 2015!

BABYMETAL has just announced 3 new countries to add to the WORLD TOUR 2015! Congratulations to all those Fans from France, Switzerland and Italy! General Admission & VIP tickets will

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