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Babymetal in Singapore with english sub!

Here is a very good documentary chronicling the BABYMETAL journey in Singapore for the AFA 2012. The AFA 2012 concert is here: 2012 AFA some additional translation,notes and corrections 1:20

BABYMETAL : interview in Singapore with Kojacon Report

This new interview is from Kojacon Report. Japan’s youngest, and most lovable KAWAII METAL BAND, BABYMETAL held their first overseas solo live in Singapore at the *SCAPE Ground Theater, previously

BABYMETAL interview in Singapore: Hoping to become a new music trend

[TRANSLATION] BABYMETAL interview (Chinese) http://www.yolosg.com/2013/12/BabyMetal-Singapore-Interview.html Hope you guys enjoy it, it’s quite lengthy — While other kids are busy with their school work, the three young ladies from BABYMETAL are

BABYMETAL – Give Me Chocolate live in Singapore!! (new song)

Here is a new BABYMETAL song named «Give Me Chocolate!!» (live) The song is taken from Babymetal’s live concert in Singapore 28/12/2013 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tB-2TdsEn4 BABYMETAL Live at Scape Theatre (Singapore) Saturday

BABYMETAL video message (Singapore One-Man Live)

Here is the video message from BABYMETAL, prior their Singapore concert. BABYMETAL live in Singapore In 2010, BABYMETAL (Comprise of SU-METAL, MOA-METAL, and YUI-METAL) was formed. When their first music


BABYMETAL based on the theme of ‘ Kawaii Metal’ (Mixing the genres of J-POP idol and Heavy Metal) Members Su-metal, Moametal, and Yuimetal are going to perform the live show

BABYMETAL Timeline Photos – Sakura Gakuin さくら学院

BABYMETAL rocked the stage on AFA SG on 10 nov 2012, AFAID 2013 on 7 sept 2013, AFA SG on 9 nov 2013 and last but not least their in

BABYMETAL Live in Singapore Fans Message Video

BABYMETAL ‘LIVE’ IN SINGAPORE – DEC 28 2013! Date: 28th December 2013 Time: 530pm Venue: *SCAPE – The Ground Theatre Get your tickets now!!! http://www.sozo.sg/babymetal/

BABYMETAL: AFA Indonesia 2013 Artiste Vignettes

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIkX2qdGDQU #AFA13 #BABYMETAL Breaking News! We have 2 HUGE announcements to make! Announcement #1 – BABYMETAL will be holding their first ever overseas solo concert in Singapore on Dec 28th

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