The One- Limited “Babymetal World Tour 2014 Apocalypse” Translated by Thomas Malone

Announcement of the planned release of -The One- Limited “Babymetal World Tour 2014 Apocalypse”


3 young girls stood at the front of the curtain opening on a new Metal Resistance that swept the world into a feverish whirlpool in 2014…
The first video depicting the World tour of last year, “Babymetal World Tour 2014” has finally been completed!

As a limited to members of The One special package, “Babymetal World Tour 2014 Apocalypse” will be on sale in limited numbers!

The European engineers, Jens Bogren and Tue Madsen who are very active in the Metal Loud music scene around the world took part in this project which in addition to two shows in London and the Makuhari Messe show in Japan last September it also features video from all of the countries visited in last year’s tour. This extremely elegant edition also includes a World tour photobook and a CD of live recordings from the London shows along with a collection of highlights from the 2014 World Tour!

The details of this product will be announced on the Japanese site in a few days.

Do not miss the moment of the birth of this Legend!