Destrose: Bands that sound like BABYMETAL

This all-girls japanese metal band was formed in 2005 through the efforts of guitarist Mina. Together with Mary, Eye, Eri and Kayo recorded their first demo “Demo” in 2007, which contained two songs: “Deathless Memories” and “Skykiller”.

After several performances, one of which acted with Akira Takasaki of Loudness, Destrose signed with YggrDrasill Productions. This has allowed them to record new tracks (available on their MySpace), which may see the light in their debut album.


Kayo and Eri left Destrose on December 2008, and in October 2009 it was Eye who left the formation, being replaced by Mary, who is currently in charge of the micro duties.

In the genre of Heavy Metal played by women, this all-female band fronted and formed by lead guitarist Mina, have taken the baton originally passed from The Runaways to Girlschool, ..evolving with the music and pushing it further beyond their counterparts to show that metal maidens are here to stay…

Destrose are a orthodox Heavy Metal outfit armed with catchy melodies and choruses that put many of their male contemporaries to shame… .. They have quite a stir in various quarters as the young girls’ Metal band, .. and have been introduced to Japan with features in various specialist magazines including BURRN! and WE ROCK…

Destrose / DESTROSE