OMG!! BABYMETAL – Akatsuki live at Budokan video!

I just found this video on Youtube, be fast because i think this video will be deleted in a few hours..

BABYMETAL - Benitsuki -Akatsuki

BABYMETAL – Akatsuki live at Nippon Budokan video!

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BABYMETAL on Theremin: interview with Qbeto

As promised, i conduct an email interview with Humberto López aka Qbeto aka the guy who play BABYMETAL song Ijime, Dame, Zettai with a theremin.

So what is your name and where are you coming from?
I’m Humberto López, mi nickname is “Qbeto” (like Q*bert video game) , i´m from Tlaxcala México.


Do you play theremin for a long time and can you tell us a little bit about this instrument?
The theremin is an electronic musical instrument that works by electromagnetic waves, it has two antennas, one antenna controls the volume and the other the tone, it changes depending on the closeness with hands, no need to touch it. I was interested in the theremin for it sound resembling violin, cello and human voice. I’ve been playing two years practicing daily.

How did you discover BABYMETAL?
I love Japanese idol music, one of my favorite groups was “karen girls” ,and my favorite member Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-metal) , then I followed her in sakura gakuin and later in Babymetal, I became fan automatically.

why did you choose the song Ijime, Dame, Zettai?
It is one of my favorite songs of BABYMETAL, I really like the intro with piano and the voice of Su-metal, makes me feel sad and nostalgic but then gains metal rock power that makes forget. I used a pedal effect that simulates human voice with the theremin.

Which song would you like to cover in the future (not BABYMETAL)
I want to play all OST of the videogame Zelda ocarina of time, and the opening of the anime shingeki no kyojin “Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon


Any project on doing another BABYMETAL song?
I’m working on a cover of”Benitsuki – Akatsuki” (OMG OMG OMG can’t wait to hear this one!!) song, I like the tonal range of the voice of Su-metal. I do it as a gift to BABYMETAL in gratitude for giving me so much joy and inspiration and hope to meet them in person soon.

So, how do you explain BABYMETAL phenomenon to your friends?

I tell them that if they like Japan, kawaii girls, idol music and rock metal, they’ll like BABYMETAL, but there are more, BABYMETAL give many emotions, personally they give me much happiness and energy when I see them dancing and singing in videos

I would like to know more people be interested in the theremin, I invite you to my page twitter @qbeto ,or my email [email protected] for comments and suggestions , thank you.

thank you !

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