Here is a live video for BABYMETAL – Chocotto love (BIG TIME CHANGES ver) featuring YUIMETAL on lead vocals.

This track is tacken from BABYMETAL brand new DVD and Blu-Ray Live – Legend 1999 & 1997 Apocalypse.

Released on 2014 Oct. 29th, included in “LIVE – LEGEND 1999 & 1997 APOCALYPSE”, recorded on 2013 Jun. 30th at Legend “1999” concert.
Sung by YUIMETAL for her birthday celebration (originally sung by Pucchi Moni in 1999).

Putchi moni (= Petite Morning Musume.) is one (the 2nd) of the sub units of Morning Musume. This is its debut song, hit in 1999, released 77 days after “LOVE Machine”. After the sister groups of Morning Musume. were formed, the units consisting of members across the sister groups were also formed. Some of all these continued for a few years. Some were formed only for one song.