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NHK’s ASIA MUSIC NETWORK will discuss the new trend of mixing idol and metal music next week. ASIA MUSIC NETWORK isa brand-new music information show using the internet, to bring

BABYMETAL meet Doris Yeh of CHTHONIC now with subtitle

Bassist Doris Yeh of Taiwanese metallers CHTHONIC presented BABYMETAL with red envelopes — monetary gifts symbolizing good luck — before the Japanese band’s January 18 concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium

BABYMETAL x ChthoniC – Megitsune video pro-shot

Finaly, here is the video version of the song Megitsune as BABYMETAL and ChthoniC play together last week in Taiwan. [jwplayer file=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eRvLeUq9pg#t=116″]

CHTHONIC and BABYMETAL doing the headline of the biggest Taiwan’s Newspaper

CHTHONIC and BABYMETAL’s show is the Headline of Entertainment Page of Liberty Times, the biggest Taiwan’s Newspaper. ChthoniC concert on Lunar new year,collaboration with Japanese girls group BABYMETAL,Lead singer Freddy

CHTHONIC x BABYMETAL: setlist and new photos

BABYMETAL setlist: 1.BABYMETAL DEATH! 2.Doki Doki Morning 3.Iine! 4.Gimme Choco 5.Onedari Daisakusen 6.Akatsuki 7.Catch me if you can 8.Headbanger 9.I.D.Z. ENCORE Megitsune (Collaboration with ChthoniC)

BABYMETAL and Chthonic doing the news in Taiwan

Babymetal and Chthonic were featured in a news report in Taiwan, talking about their upcoming live. Here’s the translation of what they were saying: News report: Formed by 3 Japanese

When Doris Yeh ( Chthonic) meet BABYMETAL

[I’m Doris Death!] I also put up my fox sign went to Japan a while ago, take the opportunity and went to watch BABYMETAL performance @ALL LIVE NIPPON Vol.2, really

BABYMETAL promote their concert with Chthonic on SakuraGaku (video)

BABYMETAL video footage from SakuraGaku (about 18 minutes long). It’s to promote their upcoming gig with Chthonic on Taiwanese tv show SakuraGaku. BABYMETAL’s part starts at 28.40 Source: Babymetal 重音部

BABYMETAL X ChthoniC official concert poster

ChthoniC 閃靈 has post the official BABYMETAL X ChthoniC 閃靈 concert poster on thei Facebook page. ChthoniC has confirmed that thy will do a song together. Question from a fan:

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