BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original Film) (1080p) (OFFICIAL RELEASE)

Some crazy fan from TheTwixta Channel have create this awesome 1h30 BABYMETAL movie for their 4th Anniversary.

It is finally here! the BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original Film)

I promised every great moment and every great highlight to be included in the film, but that were before I realized that everything Yui, Su and Moa touches instantly becomes a moment worth seeing.

In the beginning the film were planned just to be 20 minutes, this time limit were soon cracked widely. After a few more weeks the film was starting to come together, but I thought the film was missing that colossal ending that I wanted Yui, Su and Moa to have, so to address that the film finally became a whopping 1,5 hours long.

The work I have put down on this is rounding up to about 100+ hours while searching for material, translating interviews, creating animations and most of all edit and sync it all.

A bit of history for the band and its origin is found here: (ENG) (JP) (ENG) (ENG)

The band was in the beginning a subgroup of the J-POP school themed group called Sakura Gakuin
It is based on the Girls age so they enter at a certain age and the leave after the have finished ninth grade. This means that the oldest member of BABYMETAL: Suzuka Nakamoto actually already have graduated from Sakura Gakuin, but with the immense popularity of BABYMETAL she stayed on continuing with BM just as before. Next year in march it is time for Yui Mizuno and Moa kikuchi to graduate aswell, what happens with BM then is uncertain but the chance that they disband is really not Worth mentioning.

So now that you have a bit of knowledge both of the film and of the girls in it.

Here is the layout of the film:

The film features 6 Babymetal tracks, I was keen on getting the song you most of all wanted and as by the suggestions on this trailer:…
I choose those below:

Official setlist:

“Ijime, dame, zettai”
“Doki Doki Morning”
“Catch me if you can”
“Head Bangya”
“Gimme Chocolate”
and a 7 minute long encore.

In between the songs you will have the journey of the girls,
from their first performance in SG in 2010 to their latest release in 2014.

The BM tracks in the film is not in chronological order.

So there you have it, the BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original film)

Babymetal has made a number of very well composed and well performed songs I will link the lot below, still I think that if you like the band you should support them and buy their Concert blu- rays and DVDs.


White love:

Babymetal Death:

Catch me if you can:

Over the future:

Kimi to anime ga mitai:

4 no uta:

Uki Uki midnight:


Onedari daisakusen:

Head Bangya:

Ijime, dame zettai:

Gimme chocolate:



Doki Doki Morning:

Chokotto LOVE:

LOVE machine:

If you want to Watch them with ENG SUB this is the list for you:

This description will be updated with more links to both babymetal videos and Sakura Gakuin in a few hours…

But for now please enjoy the biggest ever release on TheTwixtaChannel!

Description in japanese and subtitles will be available soon…

Five moments that differentiated BABYMETAL as what it is today

Prologue: To the Metal Resistance

Many reactions, reviews and news have been issued about BABYMETAL. Many of those referred to their forming as an Idol unit, their ignorance of Heavy Metal before the beginning, their going viral with Gimme Chocolate MV, and their successful performance at a main stage of Sonisphere festival.

But how many people know what happened between these moments? Everything has a chain of cause-and-result cycles. The same does to BABYMETAL. Here reviews a series of five critical moments from its birth to date that became causes/results made them what they are now.

1. Kobametal the producer found the way to shine Suzuka Nakamoto aka Su-metal, the talented lead vocalist most

Suzuka Nakamoto has been in show biz over 10 years even she’s 16 now. She’s said to have been always recognized as special talent and had already proved her powerful and distinctive voice and live performance skill when she was ten as a member of Karen Girl’s, one-year-only idol group act. They fired up an arena with 10,000 audiences by their performance. When the group disbanded as planned in 2009, her bright future was promised as an idol singer in Japan.


But her voice and dance was just out of standard from Japanese idol, even too powerful and straight. The fact that her office Amuse didn’t promote her like that was the proof of it. Here was the one who worked at the office. His name was Key Kobayashi – future Kobametal the producer.

Key was decades-long fan of Heavy Metal, had experience on PR and an administrative job of some rock bands back then. He thought carefully about the best way for Suzuka to make full potential of her unique talent of singing and dancing out to the world. He saw her as a limitless type of performer. She said by herself that she didn’t remember anything when she’s in the zone on stage. And everyone saw her hit unexpected quality in singing and dancing.

An idea finally hit the man that a speed and loudness of Heavy Metal was the answer that could bring chemistry with Suzuka’s full power. At the same time he went to Lollapalooza festival in Chicago, US to see Japanese Metal band X Japan performing. He saw many people there finally jumping around here and there along with its Japanese-lyrics song with their X-shaped arms high up to the sky, even hard-looking reggae guy.

He felt confident in these jumping clouds that Japanese heavy music could transcend a border of languages, nationalities and music preferences to touch and move people who even didn’t understand Japanese at all.
So he was sure he could make it by blending two powerful weapons together – one was Suzuka Nakamoto the quality-proven performer and the other was heavy music, his lifetime devotion and profession.

2. BABYMETAL was formed with twins-like enchanting girls Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi with Suzuka

Suzuka was a powerful asset but she’s so distinctive by any means. Also in Japan a solo idol became out of fashion. So he thought to add partners to her but at the same time standard girls’ group format didn’t seem to work. In the recruiting period, he wanted a feel of little twins dancing around of Suzuka like former famous twins idol The Peanuts signing for Mothra, and finally Yui and Moa caught his eye.


Both of them were eleven years old, almost identical outfit like twins also had years of experience of CMs, fashion shows and stages at the time. The miracle was that those twins-like two girls were in the same office along with Suzuka. The two are becoming less identical now but they kept almost identical like twins in years.
Both of them easily cleared average qualities in performing, but each of them have different strong points. Yui is good at dancing and more modest and Moa is good at charming and communicative type. And Suzuka is also well known as gno-brainerh type of person at her own pace. They are capable also professional, synchronized also complementary like a stable triangle.

3. BABYMETAL came with a unique and quality coupling of Heavy Metal sound, J-pop melody, dynamic dance and Idol appearance by their debut song Doki Doki Morning

Doki Doki Morning was released on 2011/10/24 from Juuonbu Records label that was just built for BABYMETAL only. Juuonbu means a heavy music club that is a name of a subsidiary of Sakura Gakuin that is an idol academy in their office, Amuse Inc. The song is catchy J-Pop number with cute choreography of three little girls, but once you listen to its instrumental version you’ll find how heavy its sound really is. It uses some of PANTERA drum sounds (how many other girls’ groups use sounds from PANTERA?)


It didn’t become a big hit but it could make BABYMETAL survive, and it set the tone of its sound since then – brutality of Heavy Metal and catchiness of J-Music with complexity of Idol song. Japanese Idol song is even chaotic. It can allow almost anything under the name of Kawaii girls. Many music talents from other genres have come to the genre and create vast range of songs, and it became like a meta-genre that holds a lot of genres underneath because it would be said that music industry has been shrunken much in Japan and Idol is now the only genre that generates enough sales to be able to sustain Japanese music industry.

In fact, there have been a lot of songs of Idols with heavy taste and Heavy Metal bands with cute girls in Japan. But the genius of Key and greatness of the girls are that they never accept BABYMETAL to stay just a taste but challenge to be a real thing. Their Heavy Metal sound is real. So is their Pop melody, choreography, Idol charisma, Suzuka’s voice and Yui and Moa’s cuteness, too. That makes the difference. You can tell by yourselves and those who came to see them live left their comments that even metalheads in decades really enjoyed their performance, held their breaths away by Su-metal’s voice and melt their hearts by Yui and Moa’s cuteness. And to our surprise their performances seem to keep improving from comments and reviews.

4. BABYMETAL made a successful first appearance to a big rock festival, Summer Sonic with the youngest performer record

Summer Sonic is a big rock festival in Japan with a long history since 2000 which now hosts over 120,000 audiences in two days. Its headliners were big names like Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses, Oasis, Linkin Park, Metallica, Stevie Wonder and more.
BABYMETAL appeared there in 2012 by invitation from its host which saw BABYMETAL as something new with potential though they had only 5 songs, released only 3 singles and no album and little appearance on TV and magazine back then. They played at sub stage rather small. But it was their first exposure to many non-Idol fans, musicians and persons in music industry and media of broader music genres.


The band got into the second level from the performance. They didn’t play at small event space anymore, held first solo live with 1,300 audiences and did first performance abroad in Singapore. And these lead them to their major debut and to their back band, Kami Band.

5. BABYMETAL acquired authentic Heavy Metal feel with their major debut song Ijime, Dame, Zettai and introduced Kami Band as a back band in their live

And early in 2013 their major debut came with Ijime, Dame, Zettai. It was actually their second song, but it was their fourth single. It might be that Kobametal kept waiting for the release until the time came. It was a straight and strong power metal number with well-structured melody line that could maximize power of Su-metal’s power with impressive shredding guitar solo and endless twin bass drum roams.

Kobametal said that he “thought it’s time for a fast ball hard enough to surprise metalheads,” and they won the bet. He “finally got some credit to talk with metalheads,” and it earned “pretty good sales figure. The CD sales kept its moment long in the front of stores.”

And at the same time, he made a decision to introduce live back band into their stage performances. BABYMETAL had played with pre-recorded track till the period. Despite of financial and temporal cost, the back band could improve their live performance a lot. And it needs mentioning to the quality of these band players.


It’s named as Kami Band. Kami is a word that refers to god. All the member deserve the name because every one of them is regarded as top notch musician in Japan. But why these best of the best join to this three-piece idol girls’ unit? They are the ones who never be pressed for good offers. More money? Maybe. A pressure of big music agency? Maybe.
But some of them said playing in BABYMETAL behind of these hard-working talented girls and trying different types of well-produced music are just so much fun also challenging. Also they said they felt confident that BABYMETAL was going to be something before it became as it is now. They even said these girls were so professional enough to respect as a musician. They are all top notch performers. Both the girls and the band. And here would be chemistry between them. So is there any reason that BABYMETAL is NOT going to be a real thing in the world?

Epilogue: The Metal Resistance is going on

So these are critical moments that BABYMETAL has had until it became the Internet viral with Gimme Chocolate. Maybe many of you know what happened after the song. And I want to say. The song IS – or was – viral. It is watched over 17,000,000 times from last April on YouTube. Some said it’s another WTF thing from Japan. Yes it’s very different from American or Europian Pop, Heavy Metal or any other music. It might have surprised tons of people in the world in various senses.


But is BABYMETAL itself just a viral in the Internet? Three months later when BABYMETAL appeared into curios eyes from 60,000 people and left from a main stage of Sonisphere with great amount of applause under the opening-up UK sky on July 5, audiences there and so many other people in the world who watched it via YouTube later would have felt that BABYMETAL was something in the real world. Or anything different with potential to the future.
Now they just closed the Metal Resistance Episode II with live performances in Japan, Germany, France, UK and US. Audiences and media people from various countries felt their performance live by their own eyes, ears and hearts. They must have felt BABYMETAL was not another WTF from Japan but something new that can deliver quality experiences that  can trancend borders of languages, nationalities and music preferences to touch and move people who even didn’t understand Japanese at all. And BABYMETAL declared the beginning of Metal Resistance Episode III from O2 Academy, Brixton in UK.
We don’t know what it is yet. But whatever it will be we already know this will come next year with quality. It will come. We will see it before long.


Babymetal – Gimme Chocolate | Sonisphere 2014 | FestivoTV

J-Pop mixed with Metal just should not work, but in the case of the Babymetal there is no denying it does!

Fans arrived at the main stage in their hoards for the band’s inaugural UK performance and were treated to a stunning display of syncrhonised dance and fantastic musicianship. Babymetal return to the UK to play Brixton Acadamy on November 8th and at the Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, NY for Nov 4, 2014 07:00 PM.

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CUCA is back and she is doing an awesome Gimme chocolate!! dance cover

CUCA, the most talented and underestimated dancer / singer / Youtuber in Japan, is back with vengeance and this time she’s doing an awesome voice and dance cover of BABYMETAL – Gimme chocolate!

On her blog Mysterious diary of Cuca (くーかのふしぎにっき) she write:


BABYMETAL’s – Gimme Chocolate!!
The parts where they say “yada yada yada yada, never never never” and “Cho Cho Cho” and also at the start where they also say “Cho Cho Cho”, those parts were so difficult because their voices are high. “Atatatatatata-tatata ZukKyun… ZukKyun! DokKyun!” On those parts it was hard for me to breath…

For those who don’t already know CUCA, she as already done two BABYMETAL dance and vocal covers such as Megitsune and Ijime,Dame,Zettai

So producers, records companies and talents agency, whats are you waiting for to sign CUCA?? I mean she’s is very talented, she’s cute, she can dance and sing and she is pretty ambitious! she have all what an idol need to be successful and as bonus, CUCA have already a strong fan base on Youtube, she have about 15000 follower! You have a small diamond here just in front of you waiting to be shinned! With all these facts, signing CUCA is not a risk but an strong investment. But, by signing her, you should give her freedom to do youtube videos and blog to maintain her fan base.

You can give a look to her youtube video here:

Dear reader! help CUCA to come out and write to all theses agencies to tell them you want them to sign CUCA, we should help her to realize her dream!! 🙂 Just share this post and click the link, so companies are gonna be warned about CUCA !

Up-Front Works is the agency behind Hello! Project, Morning Musume, C-ute, Juice=Juice and more
Their producer is Tsunku

Amuse, Inc. is a Japanese entertainment company that provides artist management services for BABYMETAL, Perfume, One Ok Rock, Sakura Gakuin and more

King Records is the record label for AKB48, Doll$Boxx, Momoire Clover Z and more