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Musik Universe: interview with BABYMETAL at HEAVY MONTRÉAL 2014

Musik Universe was one of the rare media to get the chance to get in touch with the BABYMETAL crew during HEAVY MONTRÉAL 2014. We talk with the 3 nice

Girls on Games: interview with BABYMETAL at Heavy Montreal

Girls on Games got the chance to speak with BABYMETAL after their performance at Heavy Montreal 2014. We spoke about touring with Lady Gaga, meeting Yoshiki of X-Japan, what the

BABYMETAL audio interviewed by TJ Buggins at Heavy MTL August 9th/2014

TJ Buggins on location for CJIM and DO YOU KNOW JACK? RADIO SHOW chats with Babymetal at Heavy MTL on August 9th/2014. This could possibly be the first Canadian interview

BABYMETAL – Heavy Montreal 2014: more photos and videos

Here we have for you even more video and photos from the BABYMETAL concert at Heavy Montreal 2014 Update are always at the end of the post. Kirk Hammett @Metallica

Moa cooling off a bit during the kamiband solo at Heavy Montreal

Well, the show at Heavy Montreal was very, i mean very intense, but was also kinda short, only 5 songs, in fact the show seem to be have been shortened.

BABYMETAL at Heavy Montreal: photos and videos

Here are the first photos and videos from BABYMETAL concert at Heavy Montreal. Montreal!! Are you ready to mosh'sh?#BABYMETAL #HeavyMTL @heavymtl pic.twitter.com/VTwdG46rAd — BABYMETAL (@BABYMETAL_JAPAN) August 9, 2014 Kirk Hammett

BABYMETAL is doing the frontpage of Montreal VOIR

For their appareance at this week end Heavy Montreal, BABYMETAL is doing the frontpage of Voir, a francophone alternative weekly newspaper in Montreal, Quebec, published by Communications Voir. Don’t forget,

BABYMETAL in Denver, Support Act for Lady Gaga ArtRAVE: photos and videos

BABYMETAL girls were in Denver, Colarado tonight where they were playing thier last concert as opening act for Lady Gaga. Their next stop is in Quebec, Montréal for Heavy Montreal


While the US leg of the World Tour draws to a close with tonight’s ArtRave concert opening in Denver, BABYMETAL heads off to conquer Canada at the HEAVY MONTRÉAL in Montreal,

BABYMETAL at HEAVY MONTRÉAL – Here’s the schedule!!

Here is the schedule for the canadian heavy metal festival HEAVY MONTRÉAL. As you can see, BABYMETAL will start the Heavy Stage day and will play from 1h10 pm to

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