BABYMETAL Songs Self Review: Uki Uki Midnight

It tells something little but cute, vivid also important behind-the-scene stories of Babymetal. This is a translation from Babymetal All Songs Self Review, Hedoban magazine (vol.1) published in Jul 2013, first appeared here in r/BABYMETAL on Reddit.

Q : This song is a night version of Doki Doki Morning, isn’t it?

Su-metal : I didn’t realize this song was a sequel of Doki Doki Morning at first. I felt lyrics of this song fit into me a bit, because it was like “Let’s meet up later with one of our houses with some snuck,” and “Why not go having some fun together?” I hadn’t felt much empathy for Babymetal songs before. But finally I did.

Q : Because its lyrics is of the same age’s as yours?

Su-metal : I think so. My empathy helps me to sing easier. Doki Doki Morning also describes slice of life of teenage girls, waking up late and being in panic mode. But because of its funny teenage-girls’ twist in lyrics, at a first glance it didn’t come to me much (laugh). But Uki Uki Midnight rather has honest tone. At listening to the two songs in a row I happened to know each songs were two parts in one peaceful day.

Moametal : I kind of wanted MV of the song when I listened at first. To tell the truth, in my masquerading form in daily life (laugh), I love squid arms. Love delicacies (laugh). There is a line “Squid, squid. I want to eat squid arms” in it? So…

Hedoban magazine vol 1

Q : You wanted to eat squid arms in MV (laugh)?

Moametal : Yes. I did want (laugh).

Q : But it never happened, did it?

Moametal : (Very reluctantly) No it didn’t.

Yuimetal : At first listening I noticed it’s a sequel of Doki Doki Morning. So I wondered if its choreography was also alike, a kaleidoscope of styles. Turning from Squid-Squid Arms-Arms to downbeat in English, like that.

Q : What is your recommendation in the song?

Moametal : It was our first song to feature dance in unison… of all three of us… although other songs have choreography in unison in interlude section… ah, in the first place our songs don’t have much interlude (laugh)… not much interlude… and we had had no dance in unison with cool choreography before. So it was our first try of it. Choreography of this song was totally difficult to master. This is why I remembered Mikikometal going very hard at two of us.

Yuimetal : Yeah…

Moametal : We’re about to be overwhelmed then. Too difficult to master… to sync each other. I had been teary-eyed all through the way!

Yuimetal : Yeah yeah, me too…

Moametal : Su-metal felt us right, tried to make us laugh! But I felt her kindness that lead me to be more emotional (laugh). This song reminded me of that so vividly!

Su-metal : Choreography she mentioned now is a little bit strange to me. Seems monster-like. And there are different moments in the song… a moment just before going to sleep… then feeling asleep in a real world… and in a dream world again. I wanted to visualize it well. One more to say, as Moameral mentioned, it was our first song to feature dance in unison of all three of us, so I want fans to check it at concert. More to say, my favorite part is, when two of them jump around at the line of “I’m becoming sleepy”, sometimes they can’t raise hands enough due to fatigue (laugh). Please cheer them up when you see it!

BABYMETAL -Uki Uki * Midnight English Translation

Yuimetal : Su-metal looks Cho Kawaii (super cute) when she sings in a very sleepy voice with cat-like choreography of rubbing her eye! Usually I stand forward and can’t see (Su-metal by my side). But at the part Su-metal mentioned now, I can look at her close enough as an angel. I recommend to fans not to look at two tired angels (laugh) but to admire Kawaii smile of Su-metal. A moment of striking-your-heart!


Q : Is there any episode to tell at recording sessions?

Su-metal : There is a word ‘Ki-e-ro’ with a whisper, I did a whisper at the first time! I happened to be told “say ‘Uki Uki Midnight’ with a whisper.”

Q : Did you get an inspiration suddenly, Kobametal-San?

Kobametal : Yes. We used death growl much before so I felt like bringing something new. It might be good to try the other end. After trying some time, it went interesting a lot (laugh).

Su-metal : I remembered I whispered a lot. “This line! That line! And another!” like that (laugh).

Kobametal : I was inspired by Kitsune-sama. What else could I do? (laugh).


Notes :

2. Kobametal : The producer of Babymetal. He manages almost everything of Babymetal, from event scheduling to studio/stage production to media promotion. Maybe good to refer to previous entry of Kobametal’s interview with Nikkei Trendy, or with Metalhammer.

3. In my masquerading form in daily life (laugh) : A reference from a popular-in-Japan gimmick of Demon Kakka, a frontman of Japanese HR/HM band Seikima-II. An origin of the line is back to Mito Koumon, one of the most successful samurai television series in Japan.

4. Squid arm and other delicacies : Are middle aged men’s favorites. Stating some love for middle aged men’s favorites are regarded as Kawaii, in a paradoxical sense in Japan.