Fan Review: Overseas and Japanese fans review Kari Band’s CD “Kari Ongen – Demo”

Fans from Japan and overseas gathered on Newswire to share their impressions on Kami Band’s side project “Kari Band” debut Album “Kari Ongen – Demo”. The first effort of
Kami Band members BOH, Mikio Fujioka and Yuya Maeta is reviewed by fans! Read the review below.


Fan Review: Kari Band’s “Kari Ongen – Demo” CD

Maik Gianino, Newswire’s Editor from Montevideo, Uruguay.

I’m not specialist in Jazz Fusion but I use to listen some playlists on Spotify once in a while. But what I actually like from “Kari Ongen – Demo” is that the full album is
instrumental, no vocals at all which is for me very important since I really enjoy instrumental music of different genres. 


The Album starts with “Common Time’s Logic”, a beautiful song which features air instruments from the very beginning. Some parts of the song for me are sublime for example the
last part and ending and how fades out slowly to the end until Chuku starts. This song is very relaxed, I really like it because of it. It’s the kind of song I like to be the
first track of an Album. 


The second song is “Chuku”. Somehow I feel like this song describes the idea behind Kari Band. This is possible the most Jazz Fusion song of the album that’s why
I think is the most “Kari Band” song of the record. Bassist BOH shows his complete charm in a very nice way, not the aggressive 6 Strings God Of Bass we usually
know. Then trumpets, Keyboard and Yuya‘s drumming bring you to a beautiful bridge to the end of the song lead by Mikio Fujioka‘s guitar solo which is as always


After Chuku, starts “Ninja Groove”. This title is interesting I think they tried to give a Japanese sense not also in the cover of the album also in some of the song titles but
there is more than that. Ninja Groove is more aggressive than the previous songs. Mikio‘s guitar leads the song the whole time. The chorus of the song makes me headbang for a
little not because of aggressiveness because of its own rhythm. Around 02:50 the song shows its hidden charm, makes you feel in a temple, reminds me “Tenchu” the Ninja Stealth Assassin video


The song is probably the heaviest song of the record, “Djentleman” features the talents of Kari Band members all together but also solo. The song starts with a
heart beating to go into a slow and quiet Yuya‘s drumming and then is followed by guitar and the super powerful bass of BOH. Yuya Maeta‘s
drumming is very aggressive and his solo part is incredible, BOH‘s bass as I said powerful somehow I can imagine his face playing this song, doing his classic gestures.
Mikio Fujioka‘s solo is wonderful, starts being nice and shy and then is transformed in a aggressive and very fast guitar solo to fade into the last part of the song. This is
probably one of the most favorite songs among BABYMETAL fans since its sound is more related with BABYMETAL‘s sound. 


Jazz Fusion returns in “Jamrika”. Love Ai Kuwabara‘s Keyboard. She owns this song, since the body of the song is focused on her followed by the Kari
members the Keyboard sound is completely in front this time. The last half of the song all instruments melt into one to create a complete wall of noise, totally incredible and
enjoyable. I recommend a good set of headphones to listen this song in particular. 


The last song of the Album is from my point of view the best song of the record. BOH said in an interview with DiskUnion that he created the beginning of this song in rehearsals
and then let Mikio to create the rest of the song with Yuya Maeta. This is a complete and beautiful journey from the snowny Asahikawa from BOH
belongs to the rest of the world reaching each fan hearts in Japan and overseas. This song makes me feel peace and very emotional inside, I completely love this song. 


All in all, this Album is awesome even if you are not related with this genre you are going to enjoy some or all songs without any problems. If you didn’t give a chance to “Kari Ongen –
please take 25 minutes of your life to listen this wonderful effort by the Kami Band members. 



Hitoshi Sugioka, Newswire’s from Tokyo, Japan.: 

I’m fan of Metal and not very related with other different genres in music. I tend to listen some rock bands once in a while but besides that nothing different, I think Metal has enough
different styles to keep my mind busy listening. Well, I like Sakura Gakuin but that’s a different story. Why I’m listening Kari Band new album? Because they are
part of BABYMETAL, I don’t think I would go to Tower Records Shinjuku to get their Album if there were not related with BABYMETAL. I mean, not because of them,
because of the genre, I’m not related with it. 


Now, after listening the album several times I must say that their creation overpassed my expectations. I wasn’t expecting a bad album of course not because I know they are amazing musicians but
I was expecting a clash between my concepts about Metal music and a new sound called Jazz Fusion. But that never happend, accepted them playing Jazz from the very beginning. After listening the
first time I though “Ok I like Djentleman only”, because is the most powerful, but then realized after so many listens that the Album is a beautiful piece of music. I still think
“Djentleman” is the best song or perhaps my favorite song. The rest of the songs are awesome and beatiful specially “Ninja Groove”. I like Ninja in general so I
feel related with this song too. 


I’m very interested to know how they sound live and how many songs they play aside the songs included in their Album. I was told they play covers too so I’m looking forward to see Kari
live someday soon!


BOH san, Mikio san and Yuya san my congratulations on your effort and success with Kari Band!



Miguel Herrera from Bogota, Colombia. 

Okay, first off, my name is Miguel Herrera (tho you can call me Mike), i’m from Colombia, and i’m a mucisian. Not so long ago i was a quite good Babymetal (and therefore the
Kami Band) fan, and although i haven’t been following the band as much lately as i once did, i am pretty familiar with their job and of course with the awesome stuff
Maeta, Boh and Mikio can deliver. So with that said, why don’t we start with my personal review of this EP.


1. Common Time’s Logic: Like i said, i was pretty familiar with the job of this trio as Babymetal musicians, and because of that, boy was i surprised with the
way they open this EP.  Common Time’s logic starts preciously with a name that calls out my attention straight away, and if you think that’s the only good thing abut this song you’re so
wrong. To begin with, i was not expecting the presence of other instruments in this record and this song is a great example of the awesome stuff you can do without the need of high amounts of
electronical help.


The song itself has a glorious beat and Mikio really shines throughout the song with some tasty guitar licks that drives you from start to finish, and speaking of endings this
son is algo a great expample of a simple yet glorious ending that leaves you thinking if something huge is about to happen. And guess what? It is.


2. Chuku: Again Mikio takes the lead at the very beggining of this song, he’s pretty much letting you know who you’re dealing with, and Boh and
Maeta do an amazing job following his lead with a bass that follows the guitar lines just to add some spicy flavour here and there and later get in the front line with a
beautiful solo followed by some jazz action and a drum beat that makes my musician panties to drop so hard. This song is mesmerizing from its very beginning and the guitar solo at the end is just
that glorious end you would want for a song that has so many changes. Something you would expect from the talent of this incredible musicians. 


3. Ninja Groove: Well the name pretty much summarizes what this song is all about, its got one of those grooves that are just that amazing and you can’t really tell who’s taking
the lead at the very beginning, tho Mikio strikes again with some insanely solos between the main Groove part. But we don’t wanna talk only about Mikio, do we?
Maeta shines right here with the amazing job he does following the guitar with the exquisite drumming he’s known for. As a drummer, i cannot stress enough how great and impressive his job is
during this song, he gives it that groovey sensation and pretty much tells you why they chose the name of Ninja Groove for this amazing track, overall, this is one of my
favorites from the record, and if you’re into that jazzy/bluesy style of music with amazing changes, you’ll probably love it just as well, but don’t worry metal fans, if heavy was the Word you
were looking for in this record, Kari Band has your back and trust me, we have a LOT to talk about for the next song.


4. Djentleman: “You want heavy? Kari Band gives you heavy baby!” Was literally the first thing i thought when this song started, and holy shit! Is this song amazing. If you
were looking to headbang with this record here’s your chance my friend. This song starts kicking you right in the throat with an insane riff by Mikio, then Maeta
comes in later to let you know what a blast beat sounds like and let me tell you i’m not a huge death metal fan, but his drumming is so insanely fast he might just changed my point of view about
that subgenre, followed by the one and only Boh making those bass players trickle and wonder if they will ever be capable of playing like this (Spoiler: they won’t). Now let me
be clear, Mikio does an amazing job in this song as well, but at this point i think we all know what he’s capable of, and Boh and Maeta are just so good and are
the ones that make this song so absolutely brutal, visceral and headbang worthy, this is the kind of song you blast in your car with no remorse of killing someone on your way to job. Metal fans
rejoice, this song was made for you!.


5. Jamrika: What can i say? At this point i was pretty much impressed with the entire record, and this song just didn’t have something amazing as the previous ones when i
listened to it the first time. But just like many great things in life, you just need to take some time to appreciate them to their fullest.


After the beast of a song Djentleman, this song drives you home with a chill beginning that makes you think of some clear jazz influences, and then they flip the table and really
start doing some work at the very end with guitar solos and amazing drumming, so clearly i was gladly surprised with this track, the simple fact that you don’t know what’s going to happen is good
enough to force you to listen to the whole damn thing trying to predict the next change and fail miserably to the amazing talent of this trio. You don’t get a lead or a clear frontman in this
one, what you get is complete awesomeness and the purest state of the art music, people that clearly know what they’re doing and how to deliver a message, dear god these guys are amazing. 


6. Snowflaks: When you’re this deep into the record, you clearly are not expecting this kind of change of pace, at least i wasn’t, but it was brilliant! That slow start is so
beautiful, so beautiful and peaceful is hard to think two songs ago you were headbanging your neck off and now you’re contemplating the meaning of life at the rhythm of this gorgeous masterpiece.
If you know me (Which you don’t) you’d know that slow songs win my heart, and this one did it big time. It also made me think how good these guys and John Mayer would sound making some stuff
together, but that’s another story.


What i can tell you about this song is that i could NOT have imagined a better end for this EP, mainly Boh’s line at the very end, so peaceful, so graceful. Listening to this
record was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions, and this track is like the peace after the storm, it just brings you home man. By far! The greatest of the record in my opinion, but hey that’s
just me.


Overall, when you write a review you shouldn’t say only good stuff about whatever subject you’re writing about, but this record is just that good, and the only bad thing i can think about is that
it only has 6 song. Musically speaking it’s brilliant, and what else could you expect from these guys!? They’re just that good, and i can tell you i will be waiting for a full record release from
this amazing trio. As a musician i look for moments, experiences that help me write songs, and listening to this is like reading someone’s diary, it just feels natural, human, poetic and yet
visceral, angry, brutal and complex at the same time, just like life is.


I honestly hope you enjoy this EP as much as i did, and please let me know your thoughts, which was your favorite song? You already know which was mine. This was Miguel Herrera for Babymetal
Newswire, i’ll be reading your comments!.





Listen Kari Band’s Album “Kari Ongen – Demo” on SPOTIFY click here.

Get Kari Band’s Album “Kari Ongen – Demo” on CD JAPAN, click here.

UROBOROS: new Takayoshi Ohmura band release a mini-album

UROBOROS (ウロボロス) is a Japanese rock band formed in 2015 signed to Pony Canyon and the band is featuring Kami Band’s Ohmura Takayoshi.

CD release from UROBOROS, a project participated by great musicians such as Keisuke Korose (ex. Asriel) and Ohmura Takayoshi (BABYMETAL). This edition includes a bonus DVD. *The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.

UROBOROS, also known as Ouroboro from the Greek “ουροβóρος” it’s a symbol showing a snake eating his own tail creating with his own body a circular shape. The Uroboros symbolizes the eternal cycle of things, also the eternal effort, the eternal struggle of the futile effort, as the cycle begins again despite efforts to prevent it.

The artists inside this secret project are Kurose Keisuke (ex Asriel) as Manipulator/DJ, Aya Kamiki on Vocals, Takayoshi Ohmura (C4, LIV MOON, DSPRG, Marty Friedman’s band, BABYMETAL) on Guitar, Taizo Nakamura (ex cune) on Bass, Sasabuchi Hirochi (ex Plastic Tree) on Drums.


Kurose Keisuke (黒瀬圭亮) – Composer/Manipulate (ex-Asriel)
Kamiki Aya (上木彩矢) – Vocals
Ohmura Takayoshi (大村孝佳) – Guitar (C4)
Nakamura Taizo (中村泰造) – Bass (ex-cune)
Sasabuchi Hiroshi (笹渕啓史) – Drums (ex-Plastic Tree)


Oricom: The presence of KAMI BAND is backing the popularity of BABYMETAL overseas

Here a japanese report from Oricom website translate by Redeared_Slider on Reddit

Besides the success of solo live at Makuhari Messe in Chiba City, which is part of their world tour and a triumphal return, BABYMETAL also received the BREAKTHROUGH AWARD, an award presented to artist who take a big leap in that year, from METAL HAMMER, a long-established metal music magazine in England.


BABYMETAL keep making rapid strides in their home land and overseas. Their charm has already been mentioned many times in other media, but for their success in breaking the boundary of girl group and obtaining support from core metal friends around the world, no doubt that a big credit goes to the KAMI BAND which is formed by brilliant musicians. I guess this band who are backing the girls on stage will once again be under the spot light.

-KAMI BAND’s outlook is basically monotone white make-up and white clothing
The stage of BABYMETAL compose of SU-METAL who use her powerful vocal to sing those difficult songs, YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL who deliver high quality dance, and KAMI BAND which are all brilliant musicians. They together spread out high degree of entertainment. Being summoned to be the incarnation of Fox God, members of KAMI BAND are all top and true heavy metal musicians. in order to present the BABYMETAL’s music fusion elements of thrash metal, black metal, metal core and grindcore, superior technique is definitely required.

In addition, they also need to present the view of world in this project visually on stage (KAMI BAND’s outlook is basically monotone white make-up and white clothing). Band members who could satisfy all these requirements are of course a big driving force behind BABYMETAL’s world breaking. In overseas live, the girls are of course getting big cheers, in fact, members of KAMI BAND are also getting big cheers too.

-KAMI BAND is formed by top musicians in Japan
First of all, the bassist BOH, who seems like leader of the band. He has been involved in NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA and a band called BINECKS which is leaded by guitarist DAITA (ex. SIAM SHADE). There are only very few 6 string bass players in Japan, his unmatched play are not only backing the sound of BABYMETAL, but his flashy solo with slap and right hand play tapping are also attracting lots of attentions.

Then, here comes the guitarists, Takayoshi Ohumra, Leda and Mikio Fujioka. Ohumra is also backing Marty Friedman and LIV MOON and is well known for his high speed and beautiful play style (The first time I saw him, he was in a Jazz-Funk band called DCPRG which is leaded by Kikuchi Naruyoshi and I was overwhelmed by his super high speed play). Leda has been in DELUHI, TM Revolution, and also joined the back on stage live show of DAIGO☆STARDUST. BABYMETAL absorbed the decent look and elements of different metal branches starting from the 90s and their play made the audience go nuts.

The drummer is Aoyama Hideki. Hideki’s father, Aoyama Jun (1957-2013) was a famous drummer. Hideki started his career in JAM Project where high performance quality is required, then he joined KAMI BAND in 2012. Crazy speed beat and killing acoustic pressure are obviously needed in BABYMETAL ’s play.

-Players showing their characters and senses

BABYMETAL also received high motivation from KAMI BAND members. leader BOH wrote in his blog “BABYMETAL is growing fast and being able to work in this project, to me, hardly anything can replace this valuable experience.”, “Non-stop growing, always serious and challenge things with sincere attitude, from the bottom of my heart I deeply respect Ms. SU-METAL, Ms. YUIMETAL and Ms. MOAMETAL” [EDIT: Ms. ?? I find it a bit weird when translating this, putting さん after the girls’ name shows BOH is taking them seriously] I think with respect to the girls and showing their true colors freely in their play are major factors for the success of this project. In addition, the presence of BABYMETAL and KAMI BAND are no doubt a big reason why core metal fans are showing their support and the heavy metal genre could once again be heated up after the 90s.

BABYMETAL will soon be performing in big festival including SUMMER SONIC 2015 and Ozzfest Japan 2015 and they will carry out their first time ever Japan Tour, BABYMETAL WORLD TOUR 2015 IN JAPAN, from Sep. to Dec. With superior technique and view of the world on stage, BABYMETAL’s backing KAMI BAND seems will catch everyone’s eye balls.

Franz Kaftka's America / Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden
Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden

DIZAINIZE-EP / Far East Dizain
Far East Dizain

New BOH Blog: BABYMETAL’s 2015 world tour impression

Is everyone in a good mood? This is your esteemed bald boy, BOHヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ

BABYMETAL’s 2015 world tour finally ended at Makuhari Messe.

There will be additional shows in Germany and England in August, but it’s over for now. I’d like to go to a relaxing onsen, but I can’t relax because my schedule is packed with other events. Losing my desire to relax too much is like my hair loss <- intense lol Snap2

Well, this time, we were squished between Mexico, the US, and Canada, and the Metrock Festival on our way back to Japan, and ended our tour storming through Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and Makuhari Messe. Wherever we played, the audience spread its joy to us and felt BABYMETAL’s intensity again. There were countries and towns I went to for the first time, and I loved this fun foreign tour where I could experience each country’s culture and excitement. We’re getting famous fast and we won prizes from famous foreign magazines like Kerrang and MetalHammer, and for me to be involved in this impossibly-strong project that is BABYMETAL is an extremely valuable experience that is difficult to replace.

We played solo shows, of course, and the big foreign festivals we played for the first time and their news coverage went well, and we finished by creating a strong impression and leaving a major impact. This kind of thing is really amazing, and must often balance endurance, determination, will-power, sticking together, and perseverance.
Last time, I wrote on BABYMETAL’s blog. I have nothing but the utmost respect for SU-METAL, YUI-MEtal, and MOAMETAL who are always growing, and always take on every challenge with honesty and sincerity.

Because I won’t write about what the three girls do off-stage, I’m keeping it brief, but their “artistic powers” are steadily becoming stronger!! Yesterday’s Makuhari concert was especially amazing and what I felt was a “flickering destructive power,” meant in a good way. One star collided with another, and the moment a new star was born, it created the impression of something more powerful. Our Kami band performance is also inspired by you three, and I think it was our most on-point until now.

Like everyone, I get nervous before playing live, but on this tour, there was a strong feeling we “would do” more than that. And throughout the tour, our team’s bonds became stronger, and we can take on the challenge on stage, while we can proudly show off our feelings of joy and reliance on each other.

The Kami band is indispensible for BABYMETAL’s existence. People also tell me the Kami band is just support. I’ve also come across these opinions, but we do not accept this point of view. In any case, there is no difference between what we do for a good performance!! The girls are shining more and more, and what should we play? That is the number one thing we think about and challenges us on stage. Until now and from now on, these thoughts have not wavered from us or our staff. When I went to Tokyo, I didn’t go there to start a band. I had the goal of becoming a first-rate session musician. Because I took pride in support work, I didn’t care whether I was in a band or not.


But either way, no matter what you do, it is important to pursue a team with strong bonds and people with whom you can produce entertainment to elevate things further.
The same is true outside of BABYMETAL, no matter how big things are, don’t cut corners and challenge your soul.

Because I get to participate in work where we inspire other people’s hearts, my duty, most of all, is to experience the feelings of gratitude I receive from fans. This is my weapon.
Still, as BABYMETAL’s popularity increases, there are also a lot of negative opinions. But more than those opinions, it is more important to concentrate on the happiness fans give you from their hearts, and that “you’re doing a job where you’re giving more and more people joy.”

Our team BABYMETAL is doing something new that has never been done until now.Dismissals like “Idols with a metal backing band” do not represent what we do on stage.
And the number of fans who enjoy us and give us their support from all over the world continues to grow and at unimaginable speed.

The amazement that we can share this miracle with so many people… priceless. Great writers write great songs, and they are songs that resound in SU-METAL’s heart and in YUIMETAL and MOAMETAL dancing. And the Kami band is devoted to letting this shine, and receives support from the staff and from KOBAMETAL who puts everything together. And most of all, all the mates who sincerely enjoy themselves and honestly power us up, and always feel that burning passion in their chest. I think the team is all of us.

No doubt, We are BABYMETAL(o)乂(-^) I cannot contain my joy about this being true. It was announced at Makuhari, but we’ll be playing more shows in Japan in September.
What sort of things are people going to see? What kind of space are we going to create with everyone? The fun stops from now on. I hope we can make even greater strides.


P.S.: Thank you for the many recent Facebook friend requests from Japan and abroad, but I only use Facebook for close friends, family, and acquaintances. Please understand, because I don’t even have plans to make a page for me as an artist.

Well then, these are simple ramblings, but thank you for reading this, everybody.

Translation : american_daimyo on Reddit