BABYMETAL – Cologne, Germany – 03.07.2014 Full Concert

BABYMETAL – Full Concert (Cologne, Germany) – 03.07.2014 [FanCam Compilation]

babymetal cologne

BABYMETAL Legend M Full Concert
Cologne, Germany 03.07.2014
FanCam Compilation
Sadly, with a strict catch-and-kick attitude against filming, there are fewer videos than from “LEGEND “Y”
I tried to use the best audio and video available.

source: BMetal

2 Iine! – いいね!
3 Uki Uki ★ Midnight – ウ・キ・ウ・キ★ミッドナイト
4 Akumu no Rondo – 悪夢の輪舞曲
5 Onedari Dai Sakusen – おねだり大作戦
6 Catch me if you can
7 Akatsuki – 紅月-アカツキ-
8 4no Uta – 4の歌
9 Megitsune – メギツネ
10 Doki Doki☆Morning – ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング
11 Give Me Choco!! – ギミチョコ
12 Headbanger!! – ヘドバンギャー!! (MOAMETAL on vocals)
13 Ijime, Dame, Zettai – イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ

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Morphia Mietz

septa shinabuya

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Transcript of the narrations in Legend Y (Paris concert)

Here is the Transcript of the narration from Legend Y, the Paris concert.


This is a story of the Angel of Dance.
The Angel of Dance(YUIMETAL) will be summoned by the God of Metal and she will receive the blessing of the night of the full moon in Paris.
The dance of the Angel will enchant the citizens of Paris, then the sound of her shoes will echo throughout the world.
This is the legend of music that surpasses art.
Now, the Angel of Dance descends to the floral city of Paris.
In a period of civil war in the world.
The METAL MASTER grieved about the world’s chaotic situation The METAL MASTER said.
All HEAVY METAL Roads lead to Europe.
In Europe there is THE BIG FOX THE HEAVY METAL GOD. He was determined to make the world become one with HEAVY METAL again.
Then, In the land of the Rising Sun. the HEAVY METAL RESISTANCE began.
Three girls were chosen and given the holy metal name by the FOX GOD.
He named them BABYMETAL which meant birth of a new style of HEAVY METAL.
He gave them the mission to make the world become one with HEAVY METAL again.
Now is the time to join the METAL RESISTANCE.
As BABYMETAL – the guardians of HEAVY METAL – travel across the galaxy.

credits to bbymetal from tumblr

BABYMETAL live in Paris, the best videos from LEGEND “Y”

For those who have not yet seen any videos from last night’s “LEGEND “Y”” concert held in Paris, Babymetal International Fan Club have done the hard work for you, sorting through what we consider to be the best ones currently around. We’ve arranged the videos as per the ordered set list of the performance. Enjoy!!! \v/

Source: Babymetal International Fan Club

Mishmash compilation

Duration: 21:46
In order, includes “Gimme Chocolate,” “Headbanger!!,” “Iine,” “Uki Uki Midnight,” Kami band solo, “Akatsuki,” “Onedari Daisakusen,” Kami band solo, and “Catch me if you can.” There is a lot of new footage here that you won’t see in the other videos below.


Bit of a “Star Wars”-like backstory given before diving right into full footage of “BABYMETAL DEATH.”

Duration: 1:01
Includes that heavy breakdown!

“Uki Uki Midnight”

Duration: 2:07
Gotta love that dubstep and those moves!

Kami band solo

Duration 0:51
Short video on the Kami band taking the spotlight.


Duration: 5:15
Wonderful full footage and breathtaking singing. Su totally owns the stage, and the Kami band takes the spotlight for a few moments midway through the song.

“4 no Uta”

Duration: 3:54
Yon, yon! Since that world-trailer tease, you’ve waited for it – and here it is, finally!

Start of “Megitsune”

Duration: 1:44
Sadly blurred but that intro is epic as hell!

Compilation of “Megitsune,” “Doki Doki Morning,” and “Gimme chocolate!!”

Duration: 8:49
Includes the last minute or so of “Megitsune,” and most of “Doki Doki Morning.” Just a shame that you may need to tilt your head for DDM.

“Doki Doki Midnight”

Duration: 0:43
Just a short video, but no need to tilt your head for this one.

“Gimme chocolate!!”

Duration: 5:22
The full footage of the song. You just gotta love how they brought in the crowd. Here’s also where they farewelled the audience before coming back for an encore.

Yui singing “Headbanger!!”

Duration: 4:00
Close-up full footage of the song. Midway through Yui and Su changed places! Yui sings as lead singer, while Su fills in as scream and dance.

Overhead view of audience’s wall of death

Duration: 3:52
A better view of the audience’s wall of death than the next video. So awesome! Also has most of the “Ijime, Dame, Zettai” performance (including the small part where the other video skipped).

“Ijime, Dame, Zettai” with wall of death and finish

Duration: 6:16
Nearly full footage of the song, with the audience’s wall of death and BABYMETAL’s final farewell included.

YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL 15th birthday celebration

Official BABYMETAL Twitter account have post this brand new tweet about the comming celebration of YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL 15th birthday

We celebrate 15th birthday of YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL in Paris and Cologne!! Come and see us!!

Originale picture

BABYMETAL celebrate 15th birthday of YUIMETAL & MOAMETAL in Paris and Cologne!!
Paris and Cologne will be special night!!

July 1st – La Cigale Paris,France
Door:6:00PM / Start:7:00PM
Ticket price:Early Access:SOLD OUT / Tarif Normal:26,90 EUR
Buy ticket:
※The show starts at 7:00PM – No opening act.

July 3rd – Live Music Hall Cologne,Germany
Door:7:00PM / Start:8:00PM
Ticket price:32.20 EUR
Buy ticket:
※The show starts at 8:00PM – No opening act.