Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

The Noh Theater at Asagaya Shinmei will be open to those who visit the shrine. This is where BABYMETAL filmed their music video “Megitsune”. The shrine’s staff confirmed that the place will be open between 9:00 to 16:30 on September 19 and 20, 2016. If you are planning to visit the place, please kindly consider that this is a sacred place and properly follow the instructions by the staff. At first the staff were planning to give BABYMETAL Tokyo Dome special Goshuin (* A seal stamp that was given to the worshipers) to visitors, unfortunately due to some consideration it has been cancelled.

BABYMETAL-san. “First Tokyo Dome concert celebration”. At the time of Megitsune music video filming at Noh theater you were so small, so cute and so polite, now you have become amazing artists who captivate the hearts of people of Japan and the world.

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

BABYMETAL-san, all of the staff really had been putting their effort into it. “First Tokyo Dome concert celebration” We pray for the success of the concert from the bottom of our hearts.

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

We will open The Noh theater area for as much worshipers as possible on Saturday, which is the day when many worshipers visit, and on holiday, in case there is not raining. Also the current condition of the lawn in front of the Noh theater is very beautiful.

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

To all fans of BABYMETAL. It is with much pleasure for us, the staff, to receive a surprising amount of responses. To commemorate September 19, all worshipers at The Noh theater will be able to freely see the autographed colored paper.

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

To all fans of BABYMETAL. Regarding September 19, our service will be available between 9:00 to 16:30. It would seem as a short period of time, but since there is a shrine, please understand (gate closing at 17:30).

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

Announcement. Considering the special Goshuin on September 19, having so many responses, with careful consideration the staffs has come to a decision that our service will not be sufficient also to ensure the safety of everyone, we have cancelled the special Goshuin. Please kindly understand, thank you very much.

Visit The Noh Theater From Megitsune Music Video

Announcement. Regarding September 20, although it is a weekday, in response to everyone’s voice, we will take correspondences the same way as in September 19. We would appreciate it if everyone’s feelings for the shrine is just as much as your wish for the success of the Tokyo Dome concert, so that more and more people can visit the Noh theater smoothly.


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BABYMETAL “Legend 2015” Concert Review (1/10/15)

Here is a nice concert review from Carlor_Stonefist that i’ve find on BABYMETAL on Reddit, i use this review with the permission of the author.

babymetal legend 2015

I was lucky enough to go to see BABYMETAL at the Saitama Super Arena on January 10th, 2015. I live in California.

As most know, that means it’s very hard for me to see BABYMETAL live as many times I please. I made a trip to Japan in the summer of 2014 to see them at summer sonic, and after they announced the Super arena concert, I knew I had to go back. There was no way I was missing this concert. Everything worked in my favor and I was able to obtain a ticket through my friend from Japan, with the help of a good friend who also traveled all the way from Los Angeles to be there (I am very thankful for both of them). I came to Japan on January 2nd and left the day after the concert (I am on the plane back to the U.S. as I type this). This was my 3rd BM concert (Los Angeles, Summer Sonic 2014, Saitama). I discovered BABYMETAL around November 2013, so I was kind of late to the party.

The day started very early. I woke up at 4 am, caught the first possible train to the arena, and was there by 5:15. My friends had a car, so they were already there in the merch line. People had been waiting in line since midnight!! (such as superfan Kenji). By the time 6 am rolled around, the line was already humungous. People all lined up in hopes of getting some (or even all) of the awesome new merch. The merch types were very vast, death masks were even sold to replace the medical masks worn by people in Japan. By 7 The line for so big that it actually wrapped around the whole arena and had to branch out towards the train station. Many people were playing BM out loud and bracing the cold wind and darkness at 5 am to be in the line and get the merch.
At 9:00 workers came and Entered the front gates of the arena. As we peeked in we could see the stacks upon stacks of boxes filled with t shirts, masks, key chains, you name it. Workers all carried out the boxes and prepared the stands. At 9:15, the line was organized and tickets were checked (you could only buy one of each item and once you bought something, you could not go back in line and buy something again). By 10:00 the line was moving and the merch was being sold. I was able to buy everything I wanted. 4 t shirts, the BABYMETAL Kitsune mask, and the wall of death towel. I was surprised at how many people bought literally EVERYTHING there was to buy. Totaling up to about 500$.

There was also a separate booth for the sales of the Red Night Budokan Live CD and the Blu Ray Budokan DVD. The marketing scheme was genius by BABYMETAL’s staff. With every CD that you bought, you received a lottery ticket. Those tickets gave you a chance to draw a ticket and possibly win a signed wooden plaque (with a drawing and their favorite phrase) signed by one of the girls. There was also signed drawings as prizes. I already bought everything to do with Budokan days earlier at Tower Records, and so did almost all the fans. However, people would buy 5 or more CDs just to have a chance at winning. Once they did not win anything, they handed out red night CDs for free! I had already bought mine, but it was very nice of them. I do appreciate it, because I plan on sending them to my friend as a gift. When someone would win, a bell would be rung and everyone would clap for the lucky person (while secretly hating them in their head), haha.

One of the best parts of the whole experience that was the Saitama concert was the fans. The japanese BABYMETAL fanbase is possibly the most dedicated and nicest fanbase I have ever seen. I thought I was a huge superfan, but compared to them, I am nothing! They absolutely live for this! The people in my group had gone to dozens of shows and support the band every chance they get; and hope for their success more than anything else.

I was interviewed many times outside of the venue. Being a 17 year old white kid from the USA, I was an easy target for an interview. I embraced it and went crazy for the camera yelling and claiming BABYMETAL was gosh to take over the world, you know, the usual. I also saw other international members of the BM community be interviewed. There were a good amount of foreigners at this concert, and the Japanese fans were very kind to us. I was even able to hang out with the famous/adorable Hiyo metal and her dad for a couple portions of the day. she gave me stickers! All, again, because of my amazing friends.

Anyways, let’s skip to an hour or two before the concert. The cosplayers were all around the arena, even full families dressed as the kami band and Babymetal (the amount of cosplayers was amazing! These girls are role models to many young girls and even ones older than them) and shortly before the gates opened, the premium ticket holders entered the arena, led by one with a golden kitsune mask on a chariot!!!


I entered the arena with my group around 5 and as soon as I entered i could feel the hype building. People were chanting and high fiving the Babybones walking around. We walked into the arena and I was immediately astonished by the size of it. I still have trouble remembering that the girls who I saw play in front of 1k people in Los Angeles could sell out an arena of this size. There were also Babybones with huge BM flags who sprinted around the arena, leading the crowds in chants to pump us up (as if we weren’t enough already). Then as 6 approached, it was time. The largest BABYMETAL show to date was about to begin.

As the lights turned off all 20,000 of the sold out crowd stood up immediately and went insane. The concert started with a nice montage of BABYMETALs journey over the past year, and their rise to this mega fame they have reached now. Then, on the stage, a huge screened played animations of coffins descending, one by one, and the girls emerged in Black Kimonos.
The concert was legendary. That’s all I can really say. There were many extended versions of songs (such as 4 no Uta) and a rare version of Iine where the girls actually performed the rap part followed by Su metal exclaiming (yo yo yo. Babymetal’s in da house!). During Akumu No Rondo (my favorite BM song) Su stood on the huge bridge (more details later)and ascended into the sky! The setlist was pretty huge, it featured the new song played at Su’s b day concert (bubble dreamer) and the adorable dance that goes with it (it’s cuter than Gimme Choko!). The setlist also featured a 3 song encore finished with incredible new song “Road of Resistance” (the biggest wall of death I’ve ever seen, by the way).
Here is the setlist for the concert:

(I feared they would have to take out songs to make way for the new songs, however they just added them on with the usual songs!)
1) Megitsune
2) iine!
3) Bubble Dreamer (unreleased new song)
4) Akatsuki
5) Onedari Daisakusen
6) Catch Me if You Can (featuring brand new solos in the beginning by the Kami Band members)
7) Uki Uki midnight
8) 4 no uta
9) Akumu No Rondo
10) Headobangya
11) gimme choko
12) IDZ
13) BM death
14) Doki doki morning
15) Road of Resistance

(There was also a part where the Kami Band performed their really cool solo song). This concert featured a highly increased amount of crowd interaction by the girls, especially Su metal. It added a more personal feel to the concert.

The performance by the girls and Kami Band was flawless as usual, that is a given with BABYMETAL. They are such terrific performers. What was equally amazing was the stage; It featured an evil “broken down castle” looking backround adorned with “the one” symbols. In front of it was 2 bridges branching out to the sides so the girls could stand on them and the kami band as well. However, what was really amazing was the huge red bridge that descended from the ceiling, revealing a walkway for the girls to a small stage in the middle of the arena. This allowed the pit to be surrounding the stage and for the fans to be very very close to the girls, something Budokan or Legend 1997 did not supply.
At the end of the concert, they announced a concert in June at The Makuhari Messe large stage (mosh pit only!) and that their world tour starts in May (no dates yet except for the one concert in June 2015 in Japan).

To sum it up, it was the best concert I’ve ever been to. The moment of 20,000 all singing “whoaaaah” together during Road To Resistance is something I will never forget. I met amazing people, got awesome merch, and saw BABYMETAL live. Is there anything better than that?!? My review does it no Justice, you just have to go see for yourself the experience that is BABYMETAL. It featured tons of fire, fireworks, great singing, a great setlist, and a crazy crowd (I don’t think one person wasn’t singing along the whole time). It was definitely worth my trip and I know I’ll be at Rock on The Range in the US to see the girls rock the faces off of the crowd and continue to spread the BABYMETAL Kawaii virus to more metalheads like myself around the world. I hope they stop by Los Angeles on their world tour. Either way, I’ll support them no matter what!!!!

I hope you all have a chance to see BABYMETAL one day. Thanks for reading! \y/ Kitsune’s up!
The concert will air on WOWOW in March, so soon all who weren’t there will be able to see the amazing concert!
(PS: it was very fun meeting some of you at the concert!)

BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original Film) (1080p) (OFFICIAL RELEASE)

Some crazy fan from TheTwixta Channel have create this awesome 1h30 BABYMETAL movie for their 4th Anniversary.

It is finally here! the BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original Film)

I promised every great moment and every great highlight to be included in the film, but that were before I realized that everything Yui, Su and Moa touches instantly becomes a moment worth seeing.

In the beginning the film were planned just to be 20 minutes, this time limit were soon cracked widely. After a few more weeks the film was starting to come together, but I thought the film was missing that colossal ending that I wanted Yui, Su and Moa to have, so to address that the film finally became a whopping 1,5 hours long.

The work I have put down on this is rounding up to about 100+ hours while searching for material, translating interviews, creating animations and most of all edit and sync it all.

A bit of history for the band and its origin is found here: (ENG) (JP) (ENG) (ENG)

The band was in the beginning a subgroup of the J-POP school themed group called Sakura Gakuin
It is based on the Girls age so they enter at a certain age and the leave after the have finished ninth grade. This means that the oldest member of BABYMETAL: Suzuka Nakamoto actually already have graduated from Sakura Gakuin, but with the immense popularity of BABYMETAL she stayed on continuing with BM just as before. Next year in march it is time for Yui Mizuno and Moa kikuchi to graduate aswell, what happens with BM then is uncertain but the chance that they disband is really not Worth mentioning.

So now that you have a bit of knowledge both of the film and of the girls in it.

Here is the layout of the film:

The film features 6 Babymetal tracks, I was keen on getting the song you most of all wanted and as by the suggestions on this trailer:…
I choose those below:

Official setlist:

“Ijime, dame, zettai”
“Doki Doki Morning”
“Catch me if you can”
“Head Bangya”
“Gimme Chocolate”
and a 7 minute long encore.

In between the songs you will have the journey of the girls,
from their first performance in SG in 2010 to their latest release in 2014.

The BM tracks in the film is not in chronological order.

So there you have it, the BABYMETAL 4th Anniversary (Original film)

Babymetal has made a number of very well composed and well performed songs I will link the lot below, still I think that if you like the band you should support them and buy their Concert blu- rays and DVDs.


White love:

Babymetal Death:

Catch me if you can:

Over the future:

Kimi to anime ga mitai:

4 no uta:

Uki Uki midnight:


Onedari daisakusen:

Head Bangya:

Ijime, dame zettai:

Gimme chocolate:



Doki Doki Morning:

Chokotto LOVE:

LOVE machine:

If you want to Watch them with ENG SUB this is the list for you:

This description will be updated with more links to both babymetal videos and Sakura Gakuin in a few hours…

But for now please enjoy the biggest ever release on TheTwixtaChannel!

Description in japanese and subtitles will be available soon…

Babymetal Songs Self Review : Megitsune

It tells something little but cute, vivid also important behind-the-scene stories of Babymetal. This is a translation from Babymetal All Songs Self Review, Hedoban magazine (vol.1) published in Jul 2013, first appeared here in r/BABYMETAL in Reddit.

Q : Voices of you three were impressively improved, right?

Moametal : Thank you! This song has a series of saying “Soiya Soiya Soiya Soiya!,” doesn’t it? And “Kon Kon Kon Ko Kon Kon Ko Kon!,” like that. I couldn’t say these at all but only slurred badly. As an original plan, this song was to get recorded in one shot but the recording went terrible because of slurring of both Moametal and Yuimetal. And Su-metal giggled at us (laugh).

Q : Hard to take breaths on those lines?

Moametal : No time to take a breath!

Su-metal : There are many lines singing through in a breath.

Hedoban magazine vol 1

Q : Was this song made a while ago?

Su-metal : It was, right after IDZ? It was a different song back then. We had sang tentative version of this song for a while. On every recording sessions I was told “Please sing like this, we made a change bit.” It kept evolving little by little! At first it was rather a cute song like “Doki Doki” or “Iine!”, but next time Su-metal listened, it had drumming of Taiko and I said “What!?” (laugh) while lyrics were cute still. I had seen it evolving by side wondering what it would be like at last, and here it is.

Q : What is your recommendation in “Megitsune”?

Yuimetal : Nothing to say, “Nametara Ikanzeyo!” By Su-metal! I didn’t know the line came in at a recording session. Two of us were waiting our “Soiya Soiya”moment listening her singing with headphones on. Then unexpected silence came in and Su-metal said the line, it surprised us so hard to forget “Soiya” completely (laugh). We had to do another recording.

Q : It is such a surprise, in a good sense.

Yuimetal : It is so cool. Once hearing it you can easily visualize how she sings. I want to listen repeatedly.

Q : Yuimetal, can you imagine yourself saying “Nametara Ikanzeyo! (You should never underestimate me!)”?

Yuimetal : No, I can’t. But I want to try. Yuimetal version. It seems funny to have various versions.

Moametal : this song is… so sexy at first. And when I heard words “Actress” and “Megitsune”, I knew it a kind of foxes but… I had no idea what it was really about then. It was new to me. Also the line “Soiya Soiya” seemed so much fun because I imagined we and audiences would be at imaginary festival doing Wasshoi Wasshoi (putting on something to the sky over and over saying the word along) together.


Q : So, how about you, Su-metal? You seemed mature a lot as a vocalist.

Su-metal : I hadn’t had any suggestion about how to sing before. This was my first time to have it as “Let’s sing like Enka song”. Especially the line “Ah, Ahhhhh,” it was.

Q : We hear melisma in your voice a bit!

Su-metal : I worked very hard with it. And this song was recorded on April 2nd. Su-metal… NAKAMOTO Suzuka in my masquerading form in daily life, had just graduated Sakura Gakuin at the end of that March. And when I was working on the line “Smiling at face, crying at heart,” I was told “Remembering how you kept yourself calm at commencement and it may help you to sing it great?” I said “Yes indeed!” from bottom of my heart. It would have never came to me if it weren’t the day! So it is my recommendation!

Notes :
1. Megitsune : A female fox in literally translation. But it is mostly a figure of speech. See this page in BABYMETAL TRANSLATIONS UNOFFICIAL

2. Kon Kon : A fox barks in this way in Japan.

3 : “Nametara Ikanzeyo!” is a dialect in Tosa region in Japan, also a famous script of a steal-hearted woman played by a legendary actress MATSUME Masako in “A Life of KIRYUIN Hanako] a movie. Or reminds of ASAMIYA Saki, in TV series Delinquent Girl Detective II : Legend of a Girl with an Iron Mask, played by MINAMINO Yoko), a historical idle in Japan back then.

4. Soiya is a shout-along for cheering, recently famous as a shout in Yosakoi dance.
In J-Pop history, Soiya and Sore were impressively used in a smash hit song 前略、道の上より Zenryaku, Michi no Ue Yori (Dear friends, from on the Road) by Issei Fubi Sepia in 1986 in Japan.

5. Moa saying “sexy” : She did use the word which implies deferent from English as Japanese-English “Sekusii.” Japanese often use it without, or less sexual.

6. Sing like Enka songs : Get an idea from a famous Pop/modern-Enka singer NAGAYAMA Yoko.