SRAM Brings Idol Rock to Life with Mentai Rock Sound

Idol rock group SRAM on June 9th released their 3rd single “You May Dream/Kawaii Ano Ko” .The single continues their presentation of the Mentai rock sound to the idol world.

Article from Pure Idol Heart


Mentai rock is a style of Japanese rock that originated in the late 70s and early 80s in the Hakata ward of Fukuoka City. While the style had a common influence bands like SONHOUSE ,Sheena & the Rokkets ,The Roosters(z) , THe ROCKERS, A.R.B. the Mods and others all had their own ways of presenting the Mentai rock sound. The bands of that time period gave inspiration to the 90s post-Mentai Japanese garage rock bands such as Thee Michelle Gun Elephant. Now SRAM is taking the Mentai rock sound into Idol genre.

Sheena & the Rokkets [the Mentai rock sound]

«You May Dream» is in fact a cover of a Sheena & the Rokkets song of the same. SRAM lead vocalist MYU captures the spirit of the song with her youthful vocals and always present Idol charm. MYU`s would have certainly brought a smile to the late Sheena & the Rokkets vocalist Etsuko Ayukawa`s face.

“Kawaii Ano Ko” is a catchy upbeat cover of a classic song by the rock band THe ROCKERS

“Kawaii Ano Ko” is one of those songs that many bands enjoying covering from Visual Kei to Punk and Garage bands you can often find this track on the set list.
While those covers might be great on their own, it`s just something about MYU,SRAM and the cuteness that Idols can offer a song that makes any cover track that much more special.

With this release and their past two singles SRAM have proven that not only can they present the Mentai rock sound in all its glory, but that it fits the growing diversity of sub-genres developing in Idol genre.

SRAM definitely brings life to a classic rock sound and a style of music that most Idol fans are hearing maybe for the first time.