Review of metal Resistance Full Album song by song


Good evening Babymetalheads! So many people in Japan have the new album and i was lucky enough to hear the album today. Here is my review:


Road Of Resistance: Now this one has been out for a while and I think all fans know it. Dragonforce x Babymetal is all you need to know here, a blistering start to the album.

Karate: The most recent single and MV to be released Karate packs a punch for sure with a catchy chorus, killer riffs and loads of Seiya Soiyas. I would still call this the appetiser of whats to come though.

Awadama Fever: Now this one has been floating around for a while now but now I have heard the studio version I think it sounds so much better than id hoped for. The girls are bored of chocolate and moved to Bubblegum here. This is the more Kawaii side of the album that is guaranteed to make you move.

YAVA! (Previously called Chigau by fans): This one has a very awesome intro and some great Ska influences in there with the rapid assault of Guitars that will get circle pits going for sure live. Despite the catchiness of this song I think it left the least amount of impact on me throughout the album.

Amore: Ok here is the first Su-metal solo song of the album. Starts with some beautiful melodic vocals before some blistering shredding kicks in that gives off a very classic Dragonforce vibe. It is not as powerful as Akatsuki from the first album imo but that opinion could change when I see it live on Saturday (April 2nd) at Wembley.

Meta Taro: Now this was an unexpected one, a very Battle metal (Battle Hym) style song with influences from bands like Sabaton for example. It sounds like a song that you would march to and has plenty of lyrics from all 3 girls. A big surprise and im loving it!

From Dusk To Dawn: This album keeps surprising me! Now we have a song that has plenty of dubstep sounds and heavy riffs and not many lyrics. It is a very surreal sounding song and I especially love when they say BREAK! Before the breakdown. Has a lot of Bring Me The Horizon vibes to it

GJ!: Now we are onto the first Black Babymetal song (Moa and Yui) and this one is a favorite for me at the moment. Imagine some heavy Nu Metal riffs with Moa and yui doing some fast and very cute almost Rap like lyrics. You will have Motto Motto Hora! Repeating in your head for a while haha.

Sis Anger: Hands down the heaviest song on the album (maybe even the heaviest they have ever done). The second Black Babymetal song is the death Metal song of the album but with Moa and Yui’s cute vocals instead of growls and a lot of shouts that add to the intensity of the song like BAKA YAROOOO! (Basically a more vulgar version of Idiot or Moron. Who though Moa and Yui were so foul mouthed haha). This song will make you bang your head for sure.

No Rain No Rainbow: Now time to relax a little. An old song that was performed at 2 concerts in 2013 and 2014 finally comes back with a full release on the album. The second Su Metal solo song is a bit of a tear jerker. A beautiful Piano Ballad with an amazing guitar solo and very angelic vocals from Su Metal. So are you relaxed now? Cause buckle up for the next one, it’s about to get crazy.

Tales Of The Destinies: Now I still cannot describe what happens in this song, it is so much thrown at you at once in a mental mind-fuck. It will take a lot of listens to know what’s going on in this blend of many genres. There’s a little piano part, loads of tone changes and a very Math rock sound to it. Is it even possible to play live? Well the Kami Band will have their work cut out for them for sure. For these reasons it makes it a very memorable song from this album that is sure to confuse you haha.

The One: Now this one sounds like an anthem, a full English song about everyone coming together as THE ONE. It’s a beautiful way to end the album and sounds amazing. Will be a great closing song for Future concerts.

Extra song only available on the Japanese version

Syncopation: Now this one sounds very much like it could be an opening of an Anime. It’s a great rock song with some very nice vocals and chants from Moa and Yui. It’s somewhat softer than some of the others which is nice to have. This one is growing on me more and more with each listen.

Overall impression I freaking love the album. If I had to give it a rating it would be 9.5/10 as it can’t be absolutely perfect but it is the closest you will get to perfect. There is a song for everyone on this album and I’m pretty sure it has broken a record of most genres on a single album for sure!

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Sneak Peek of Babymetal’s 2nd album.

Metal Hammer spoils Babymetal fans with a track by track breakdown of ‘Metal Resistance

With ‘Metal Resistance‘ now a month away, Babymetal fans are teased with a breakdown of the album in the March 2016 issue.  Eleanor Goodman from Metal Hammer dissects Babymetal’s still unreleased album.


Released a year ago to proudly set the scene for Babymetal’s evolution, this song shows the band’s synthesis of pop and metal at its finest. Kitsunes up!


Kicking off with a meaty modern metal riff and minor vocals, Karate packs one hell of a punch, before striking into an Idol-like chorus. Set necks to headbang.


Forget chocolate – it’s all about ‘chew-chew-chewing gum’ now. Out last November, it has a ferocious drum’n’bass background, in keeping with Kobametal’s penchant for genre-blending.


It opens like a demented video game and drifts into Eurovision territory, before massive nu metal riffs take it to a mystical-sounding bridge.


Beginning like a ballad, Amore swiftly descends into the realm of riffing, taking cues from friends and collaborators Dragonforce. Su-metal’s vocals are huge.


Babymetal? Battlemetal, more like. It opens like a hymn, before male voices spell out the title in a Viking warrior chant, and they’re all off on metaphorical longboat.


The influence of BMTH looms large. There are layers of electronics, a touch of Can You Feel My Heart, and then it all goes surprisingly Skrillex.


Sneak Peek of Babymetal’s 2nd album.The title’s unclear, but there’s a line that goes, “Monster, monster horror!” Heaviness and melody blend into the ultimate Babymetal Frankenstein song.


It’s the death metal song! There is a fearsome sample from The Book Of Revelation, before a frantic flurry of noise and some syncopated vocals.


The clue’s in the title – it’s uncannily like X Japan’s Endless Rain and GN’R’s November Rain. From sweet strings to tinkling ivories pours a huge ballad.


The nuttiest track yet. A load of mathcore comes crashing in, before mutating into galloping power metal, while Su-metal croons like Lady Gaga.


Another song they’ve played live. It’s Disney’s Frozen x heavy metal – an earnest track designed to light up arenas. Anathema to some, rapturous to others, this is the Fox God’s parting shot.Sneak Peek of Babymetal’s 2nd album.

March 2016 issue of Metal Hammer featuring Babymetal on sale now. If you live in the states, Barnes and Noble import the UK based metal magazine.

Sneak Peek of Babymetal’s 2nd album.

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Wembley Celebration Series: Karate Special!


So here we are, finally the official play/release of Babymetal’s new single… and what a single it is!

babymetal karate

I’ve said in other posts I was expecting either The One or Karate to be the lead single for Metal Resistance and while I’ve not heard the studio version of the former, I think they have picked the right track to lead with. Karate encompasses perfectly the new direction I think their material is taking. It’s fierce, fun, powerful and most importantly of all, just really fucking good.

After a bouncing, building drum and single note crescendo the guitar slams in with a raw and ripping riff reminiscent of Audioslave’s Cochise. Things move quickly, picking up with a frantic undying guitar line powering through underneath Moa & Yui’s shouts of “Seiya, Se-Se-Se-Seiya”. This breaks into a slower, more deliberate riff as Su-metal comes in with a very smoothly delivered verse. Her voice is definitive in its growth, she’s gone from a excellent young singer to an excellent singer, period. She has a little more depth and roundness than in some of the debut material and her delivery on Karate is tight and expertly controlled with some light chorus and reverb providing a floating feeling to later sections.

The same can also be said for Moa & Yui as well. While their voices are still a little less full than Su-metal’s, gone are the slightly harsh, higher pitched moments that occasionally peaked on Babymetal, replaced with a more moderate, controlled vocal courtesy of their increased age and experience. If Karate is demonstrative of all of Metal Resistance then Moa & Yui have now reached a point where they perfectly compliment Su-metal in sound. Whereas before the experience and age gap was more obvious, things now have evened out and I feel their vocals are now in the right place to be fully taken advantage of in tandem with Su’s.

If anything, Moa & Yui’s vocals are actually a little too well produced on Karate. In the live bootleg from Yokohama they were backed up by an audio vocal track, which when combined with the naturally wide reverb of the venue created a broad, powerful sound (they really spit out the ‘ya’ sounds in the words ‘seiya’ & ‘soiya’) that I felt really suited the song. In the studio version their vocals are much tighter, sharper and a little lighter. I think the song, given it’s battling theme and hard rock guitar could have allowed these to be a little rougher and more aggressive but overall there is no negative effect and it will only go to make the live version even more enjoyable at Wembley and beyond.

Su-metal’s vocals are very similar to the live bootleg, which is to her credit. She sounds confident and dominates even with the strong Morello-esque guitar. Later in the song she is able to show a more delicate side, floating in the words deftly during a quiet middle eight before it kicks back in to end with an anthemic, feel good feeling that you'll find you can't stop nodding your head (or should that be hedoban'ing) along to (assuming you haven't been moshing along from the start).

Cochise served as Audioslave’s announcement to the world that they had arrived and Karate does the same for Babymetal. It heralds a confident beginning to what will hopefully be a defining period in the history of the group. It’s make or break time and Babymetal and here to fight.

With a catchy chorus, unique vocal delivery, tight musical performance and fiery choreography (glimpsed in the album teaser) this doesn’t just have the hallmarks of a great Babymetal song, but of a great rock single full stop. If this had been released in 2002 it would be a serious chart contender and with ongoing major media support I’m excited for it’s prospects.

I’ll be rocking out to this all the way to Wembley, see you there 😉

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BABYMETAL to Release Metal Resistance on April 1st: new details

BABYMETAL is releasing the second album on April 1st (“FOX DAY,” they call it), 2015!

The album contains lots of new songs, including “Road of Resistance” and “Awadama Fever.”

The limited edition includes a bonus DVD featuring their performances in “TOKYO METROPOLITAN ROCK FESTIVAL 2015 (2015.5.24)” (subject to change). Also comes with a BABYMETAL logo sticker (waterproof) as the first pressing bonus.

babymetal metal resistance

BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]
This edition includes a bonus DVD featuring their performances in “TOKYO METROPOLITAN ROCK FESTIVAL 2015 (2015.5.24)” (subject to change). *The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.

*Since this product is extremely limited, only one copy may be purchased by a customer.

BABYMETAL – Metal Resistance [Regular Edition]