Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150320 Moa Kikuchi: Senpai

Good mornooning♥ It’s Moa. 🙂

My last open-class ended. I feel somewhat hurt inside. In the class ‘Archaeology of Songs’, each member pick a song, study about the song by herself, present any findings and lastly, sing the song a cappella!!

I had prepared my presentation while visualizing what I hope to send to you. So, I could make my presentation looking at your face closely.
If you got what Moa wanted to send — even a little bit of it — I am happy♥♥ I believe my kouhais got it!!
And, Moa will treasure what I’ve got from kouhais forever. Thank you so much♥ 🙂
As of my singing a cappella….

I suddenly became really nervous, and started singing to find myself a bit off-key. I gradually adjusted and could sing exhilaratingly. But it was not a satisfactory performance. I felt frustrated thinking ‘Oh, If I could have sung once more, I surely could have sung better…’ But I know it’s an afterthought.
We have only one chance to play in each open-class. We can’t play one concert again! I realized again the importance of doing my very best with strong will in each single occasion, If I don’t want to feel unsatisfactory. Every one of members felt that, didn’t you? In the last two chances to play, let’s do our best and show everything we’ve learned till now!! Let’s send our whole hearts♥

【Kikuchi Moa and Muto Ayami】

【Kikuchi Moa and Muto Ayami December, 2010’】

Today, I want to write about my three senpais, three former presidents of student council, who taught important things to Moa and current members.
✿Muto Ayami-chan (‘One-tan’) 【=’Big Sis’. It’s not usually used saying. Usually, we say ‘Onee-chan’ and its broken form ‘Onee-tan’. ‘One-tan’ is still more broken, and thus has more intimate feeling. Please read it like the first 2 syllables of ‘honest’+’tan’】

She has been always walking one or two steps (or more?) ahead of Moa, and has kept paving the way for kouhais. She is a hard worker, putting her all into her work. I can’t help but respect One-tan.

‘Enjoy yourself from your heart, that surely will make fans enjoy the show’, One-tan told us several times. One-tan put much love in her doing and made us delighted♥ She is so short, and so energetic!! Regulations or customs can’t stop her doing more than desired. Her sending MUCH LOVE to fans make Moa think it important to put love in my doing♪
✿Nakamoto Suzuka-chan (Suu-chan)

【Kikuchi Moa and Nakamoto Suzuka】

【Kikuchi Moa and Nakamoto Suzuka April, 2012】

Suu-chan is Moa’s comrade. A fellow-fighter always being next to me!!!
After the Festival of 2014nendo, Moa had a serious problem. Suu-chan, as the president, had have the same problem and told me her thought and feeling at that time. That gave me power. It’s hard to stick to the ideal, and such attitude sometimes is not accepted. But, in the end, everything changes into good memories. So, take it easy and do what you think the best. Such words of Suu-chan made me relaxed — ‘Suu-chan also had the problem’♥
And Suu-chan also taught me the importance to send a song with heart♫
✿Horiuchi Marina-chan (Marina-chan, or Marippe)

Horiuchi Marina and Kikuchi

【Horiuchi Marina and Kikuchi Moa February, 2012】

Marina-chan is a bosom friend of Moa.
We are not of an age, but we are alike in way of thinking or taste, and have been having a LOT of talk. ‘Ideal and reality’, ‘What we want to send’, our dreams, anime things, and so on. We can talk on anything. We can share sadness and joy. By talking to Marina-chan, I feel as if a cloudy sky is cleared up! It’s fun! At first, Marina-chan was quiet. But she tried to express herself in order to send the importance of kizuna【bond】. Such Marina-chan was so adorable♥ We are talking that we hope to do something together and send ‘glitter’ one day…..I believe it surely will come true♪

This time, I’ve wrote about former presidents only. But also other graduates sent us several things. We appriciate everything senpais have left for us and will complete our Sakura Gakuin!!
Of course I love graduates, but current Sakura Gakuin is more important for Moa. Let’s show 10 of us is the very best♪
I just hope to send you — Sakura Gakuin NOW!

Source:, Translation : Sakura Gakuin on Reddit


Ayami Mutou’s Kakizome for 2015 with English subtitles

Ayami-chan writes her resolution for this year as her Kaikizome (書き初め)。Pay close attention to her beautiful brushwork.

Muto Ayami (武藤彩未) is a Japanese singer and model under the agency Amuse. She is a former member of the idol groups Karen Girl’s, Sakura Gakuin and it’s sub-unit Twinklestars. It was announced on April 29, 2013 that Ayami would be debuting as a soloist.

Mutou Ayami武藤彩未

Mutou Ayami武藤彩未