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BABYMETAL Announcement about Tokyo Metrock!

BABYMETAL has just confirmed their presence to the next METROCK 2015 festival (TOKYO METROPOLITAN ROCK FESTIVAL 2015). BABYMETAL gonna play their set on saturday may 24,2015. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lga0vGHOR3o They have played

BABYMETAL “Legend 1997” live on Yunika Vision!

BABYMETAL at special edition of Music Info on Yunika Vision Oct. 23 (Thu) to Nov. 2 (Sun). 【Song List】 1. Gimme Choco!! 2. Head Bangya!! 3. Akatsuki 4. Ijime, Dame,

BABYMETAL – 100% Pure, Raw, No-Apologies Girl Power

A fan in Los Angeles discusses where BABYMETAL comes from and gives us some thoughts and feelings on what they are about. OK, I’ll admit it, I like Japanese idol

KOBAMETAL: interview with the man behind BABYMETAL

Here is a translation from a Japanese interview with Kobametal, the BABYMETAL producer, from the site Nikkel Trendy, please understand we have done our best to translate the text from

When Cuca goes Megitsune

Well, Cuca is a Japanese teenage girls who’s doing some very interesting song and dance cover on YouTube and her last effort is our own Megitsune from BABYMETAL. She’s actually

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