Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150326 Moa Kikuchi

RTG 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~

Well, finally, It’s time to start “The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~” at O-EAST 😀 ♥❤ We began to have all-standing concerts when Su-chan was the president because of her hope to ‘feel the audience closer’♪ The graduation ceremony (concert) will be all-seated, so, today, let’s have a blast! Have Fun together!!!!

Now, for the people who can’t come to the concert, today’s diary is a ‘MOA Photo Gallery’ after a long while♪ This is the last ‘MOA Photo Gallery’ (pay homage to a museum). 【There is a famouse museum in Japan】So, I picked many kind of photos of members♥❤

We had already showed too funny faces at LoGiRL…so we are afraid of nothing now. lol
Please enjoy MOA Photo Gallery till the concert begins!!





Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150130 Yui Mizuno : LoGiRL

SG students’ diary 20150130 Yui Title: LoGiRL


Hello, it’s Yui✿
Did you watch LoGiRL? Those who watched it, Thank you!!
My impression of the first episode is…

From the beggining to the ending, Yui was really nervous and constrained. The event script of the program only showed general idea of each segments…no lines of each of us. That kind of TV program was new to me and it was very fun★ The program is live-broadcasting and I experienced an extreme sense of tension. Working up the courage and speaking something in such tension was exciting! I want to experience more and more!

Yui Mizuno : LoGiRL

LoGiRL is a live streaming program on the web and you can watch it from all over the world♥ I hope my extracurricular activities have something with Sakura Gakuin and I’m very pleased if someone who were interested in Sakura Gakuin via BABYMETAL have watched the program. I hope more and more foreign people come to know the charm and beauty of Sakura Gakuin. I will try my best to show myself as I am, not being afraid of making mistakes. So please keep watching us and support us.✿

We will make good use of this opportunity and will show our improvement every time in full throttle. The program starts at 19:00 on every monday…I know it can be your commuting time or something. I hope you manage to watch it in some way!!!!

I want to hear your impression about episode one and two.

Url: * live url:


Translation : onji-Kobe on Sakura Gakuin on Reddit

Sakura Gakuin on LoGiRL #1 2015 January 19

The girls were a bit nervous at the outset but gradually relax into things in this first live show of its kind for Sakura Gakuin.

As usual, I have translated things just as they are and do not insert my own perceptions of how I would like their words to sound.

Sakura Gakuin at LoGirl complete webcast

Here is the complete video webcast of LoGirl さくら学院 with Sakura Gakuin as guest, the show was webcasted the 2015-01-19.

LoGirl さくら学院 Sakura Gakuin 20150119
水野由結 Yui Mizuno(YUIMETAL)
菊地最愛 Moa Kikuchi(MOAMETAL)
田口華 Hana Taguchi
野津友那乃 Yunano Notsu
磯野莉音 Rinon Isono