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BABYMETAL with T.M.Revolution: short clip from MUSIC STATION

Here is a very short clip from MUSIC STATION where we can see the girls from BABYMETAL with T.M.Revolution (Takanori Nishikawa). 【東京不夠熱】140207 MUSIC STATION 直前ミニステ(480P) Watch more Music Station videos

BABYMETAL at Chokotto Naito Nippon radio show

BABYMETAL were lastly at the radio program “Chokotto Naito Nippon” broadcast by Nippon Broadcasting System on 2014 Feb. 21st. [Choko-Nai-Pon ’14 Feb.17] In short: BABYMETAL were tense when appearing on

BABYMETAL at Gocha-mazet Wednesday radio show translation

This is a 3-min. part of the radio program “ゴチャ・まぜっ・水曜日”(Gocha-mazet Wednesday) hosted by Takanori NISHIKAWA (a.k.a. T.M.Revolution) broadcasted on 2013 Oct. 9th by MBS. He, as the Cultural Ambassador for

Next BABYMETAL concert: Inazuma Rock Fes 2013

Here is th announcement for the performing artist/s on Inazuma Rock Fes 2013! 【Performing Artist/s】 SCANDAL, UVERworld, 7, T.M.Revolution, Puffy, HOME MADE, 家族 ,DaizyStripper, Granrodeo, BABYMETAL, Unison Square Garden, WORLD

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