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BABYMETAL with T.M.Revolution: short clip from MUSIC STATION

Here is a very short clip from MUSIC STATION where we can see the girls from BABYMETAL with T.M.Revolution (Takanori Nishikawa). 【東京不夠熱】140207 MUSIC STATION 直前ミニステ(480P) Watch more Music Station videos

BABYMETAL at Gocha-mazet Wednesday radio show translation

This is a 3-min. part of the radio program “ゴチャ・まぜっ・水曜日”(Gocha-mazet Wednesday) hosted by Takanori NISHIKAWA (a.k.a. T.M.Revolution) broadcasted on 2013 Oct. 9th by MBS. He, as the Cultural Ambassador for

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