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Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150326 Moa Kikuchi

RTG 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~ Well, finally, It’s time to start “The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Be ambitious, Memorial Summit~” at O-EAST 😀 ♥❤ We began to have all-standing

Sakura Gakuin students’ diary 20150217 Moa Kikuchi

Title: JaJaJah〜n! 【=Ta-dah!】 Good mornooning❤ It’s Moa. This year’s our first show “The Road to Graduation 2014 〜Happy Valentine〜” ended. Thank you very much for coming!! I know there are

Sakura Gakuin : The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Happy Valentine ~ setlist and photos

“The Road to Graduation 2014 ~Happy Valentine ~” Setlist 15/02 at the LIQUIDROOM. 1st Stage, Open14:30 / Start 15:00 影ナレ (Opening Narration by): 華(Hana) 01. FLY AWAY 02. ベリシュビッッ (Verishuvi)

BABYMETAL / Sakura Gakuin future concert and media appearances

BABYMETAL and Sakura Gakuin future concert schedule and media appearances information New live album "LIVE AT BUDOKAN" out January 7th 2015!! Mastering by Ted Jensen #BABYMETAL #BUDOKAN pic.twitter.com/dVslFzSKIL — BABYMETAL

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