BABYMETAL in New York part 2

As you already know, the entire world is going crazy for our kawaii metal soldiers, and right now Su, Moa and Yui are in New York for some mysterious reason..

So hera are the latest news and pic from BABYMETAL journey in the Big Apple! Sorry the site was down for a fews hours as we have a massive traffic peaks today!

So, their official Twitter has sent this pic in the morning!


Some fans are goig crazy about BABYMETAL bieng in NY, perticulary on the BABYMETAL Subreddit where fans are sharing their feeling in a very fuunny way!

here are some funny comments


Damn! I don’t think I’ll get any sleep tonight thinking about the fact that we are breathing the same air from the same city! I’m possibly going crazy atm.
Ah this past month has been a roller coaster ride for me since discovering Babymetal, and the only thing that goes around my mind are them. This, whats happening now is close to a dream for me and I haven’t felt this shocked and ecstatic in quite a while.
If anyone please know of any plans of them in advance please let me know.
Heck even if you know their hotel address or any other info that might lead me to them or anything just tell me. If I get lucky and catch them, might get something golden out the opportunity for all of you. Please guys!

Lingenfelter (me) :p

Fuck man i’m in my mid 40 and a fierce metalhead with beard and tattoo for so many years, listening to dimmu, cradle, brutal truth, slayer , napalm death and most brutal metal, i witness the rise of the big 4 etc….. and since i’ve discover BM i feel like a Justin Bieber groupie, now i’m a little girl who wanna go to NY see my teen idols in person WTF!!! I would like to be 20 again and not be an old creep who like Japanese teen girls kawaii metaller hahaha fuck :s


What on earth is happening? This is news! this is like some type of CNN stuff, I am caught of guard by this, why are they halfway around the world? why did we not know of this? what whatt!??? I wanna be at NY right now, They shouldve came to Toronto, hahahah… Seriously what is going on? Any update guys? this is killing me…

And so on…

Even some crazy rumor are saying that BABYMETAl may appear in some Americans Tv show such as The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon