Leda (Kami Band) support guitarist for Golden Bomber

Golden Bomber with people who actually plays the instruments live.

Leda (ex. DELUHI, Kami Band) – Guitar
Shuse (La’cryma Christi) – Bass
Shuji (Janne Da Arc) – Drums

Energetic performance with Golden Bomber together with members from DELUHI, BABYMETAL’s Kami Band and Janne Da Arc

Golden Bomber (ゴールデンボンバー Gōruden Bonbā?, abbreviated as Kinbaku (金爆), Bomber (ボンバー) or GB) is a Japanese visual kei “air” rock band formed in 2004 and signed to the independent label Euclid Agency (sublabel Zany Zap). Despite not actually performing the music themselves, they have gained popularity through their theatrical “live shows”.

Currently, Golden Bomber have released 12 singles and 11 albums, some of which have gained the top places in national Oricon chart

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