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babymetal Legend M 2019

Moa singing Headbanger during Legend M concert

Here some videos of MoaMetal singing Headbanger during the Legend M concert last night in Nagoya. Moabangeeeeeer! Posted by Dave Morgan on Sunday, July 7, 2019

Fan Cam of The One and new Karate (?) songs

Last night, BABYMETAL gave us two new song from the coming album and we have two fan cam videos for you! You need to disable adblock to watch videos [oboxvideo

BABYMETAL (Yui/Moa) Makeup and Hair Tutorial by Callie

Welcome back to another Babymetal video 🙂 I already have a fringe like theirs so I thought this would be an easy look. Just need to colour my hair black…

Babymetal World tour 2015 (Journey of Google Earth)

Youtube member slip&sride has put online this nice Google Earth map and show us all the city our girls gonna visit this summer! SONG‐秋山裕和(HIROKAZU AIYAMA) 華志の舞(kASHI NO MAI)

Producer Talks About BABYMETAL

BABYMETAL producer explains how they created BABYMETAL and why people love’em. As you know, this is a pretty funny joke! here is the real story of the video: Like what

BABYMETAL Ijime Dame Zettai compilation

BABYMETAL I, D, Z コンピレーション! BABYMETAL IDZ compilation made by Jake Harris! enjoy! Concerts (in order) Legend I (says D in the video, my bad :O) October 2012 Legend Z

What happened to Moa Kikuchi? (Babymetal in Montreal)

What happened to Moa Kikuchi (MoaMetal) during the show in Montreal was prove of her professionalism. It was just a little detail, but enough to see the artistic quality these

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