UROBOROS: new Takayoshi Ohmura band release a mini-album

UROBOROS (ウロボロス) is a Japanese rock band formed in 2015 signed to Pony Canyon and the band is featuring Kami Band’s Ohmura Takayoshi.

CD release from UROBOROS, a project participated by great musicians such as Keisuke Korose (ex. Asriel) and Ohmura Takayoshi (BABYMETAL). This edition includes a bonus DVD. *The DVD disc is encoded for region 2 (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and no subtitles are included.

UROBOROS, also known as Ouroboro from the Greek “ουροβóρος” it’s a symbol showing a snake eating his own tail creating with his own body a circular shape. The Uroboros symbolizes the eternal cycle of things, also the eternal effort, the eternal struggle of the futile effort, as the cycle begins again despite efforts to prevent it.

The artists inside this secret project are Kurose Keisuke (ex Asriel) as Manipulator/DJ, Aya Kamiki on Vocals, Takayoshi Ohmura (C4, LIV MOON, DSPRG, Marty Friedman’s band, BABYMETAL) on Guitar, Taizo Nakamura (ex cune) on Bass, Sasabuchi Hirochi (ex Plastic Tree) on Drums.


Kurose Keisuke (黒瀬圭亮) – Composer/Manipulate (ex-Asriel)
Kamiki Aya (上木彩矢) – Vocals
Ohmura Takayoshi (大村孝佳) – Guitar (C4)
Nakamura Taizo (中村泰造) – Bass (ex-cune)
Sasabuchi Hiroshi (笹渕啓史) – Drums (ex-Plastic Tree)

Site: http://urbrs.com/

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